Don’t Brush Up the Ball

Coach Evan is back with a piece about brushing up the ball. Well, actually, don't brush up the ball! Don't… Read More

3 weeks ago

Serve lesson with coach Miguel

I recorded a few lessons during my last trip to Marbella, Spain. Here is my serve lesson with coach Miguel.… Read More

5 months ago

Improve your one-handed backhand

Since the fixing your forehand video was well received, we did one on the one-handed backhand. How to improve your… Read More

5 months ago

Fix your forehand

Maybe your forehand isn't broken. Perhaps it's already a weapon. But there can be things to improve. We call it… Read More

5 months ago

Martina Navratilova on TopCourt

Online coaching platform of the pros, TopCourt, keeps bringing new coaches and players to their team. Today we have Martina… Read More

5 months ago

Solo Box Training

Coach Evan is back with a drill so you can work on your tennis this summer. It's called Solo Box… Read More

5 months ago

Off-court coaching?

The ATP has announced that off-court coaching will be tested for the 2nd half of 2022. What are your thoughts… Read More

5 months ago

Playing in a crosswind

Coach Evan is back with his thoughts and a story about playing in a crosswind. Check out more of his… Read More

7 months ago

Coaching Simply but Effectively

Guest contributor Colan Surratt is back with an important piece about coaching simply but effectively. Simplicity usually wins the game!… Read More

8 months ago

Azarenka on TopCourt

The ATP official partner of online tennis learning, TopCourt has announced their latest pro player videos. How good is Azarenka… Read More

9 months ago