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Gael Monfils Switches to Artengo

I was a bit surprised to hear that Gael Monfils switches to Artengo, but in some ways it makes sense. It’s maybe time for a change. If you’re curious about what racquet Monfils used before, check out this post.

2021 was an eventful year for Gael. He struggled in the middle part of the year and seemed to be on the brink of retiring. But the second part of the year was more positive. On a personal level, he got married to WTA star Elina Svitolina and on the tennis court he started winning matches again. He ended the year as number #21 in the world. He aims for a fresh start in 2022 with a new tennis sponsor.

Who are Artengo?

Artengo is the in-house tennis brand of Decathlon. If you haven’t heard of Decathlon, it’s the largest sports retailer in the world with over 1700 stores in 60 countries. They’re even in Malta! 🙂

I have not reviewed any Artengo racquets myself (but TN contributor Ferenc has), but hit with one briefly and it didn’t play worse than any mainstream brand in my opinion.

I’m curious if Monfils will move to a bigger head size or change any other specs of his frame. Murray is experimenting with a 99 sq inch racquet, so maybe Monfils should move up from his 97 sq inch H19 (Ultra Pro mold)?

Or they might just try to copy the exact mold and specs he was using all these years with Wilson (previously he was using Prince racquets, the Rebel 95).

No matter what, I hope it turns out well for him. If I get any info about his specs/new frame, I will of post it here and on my YouTube channel.

Update from my fellow tennis nerds

According to my fellow tennis nerds in the comments (thanks!) he is endorsing/using a TR960 Control Tour with the following unstrung specs:

Weight : 300g
Balance : 31,5 cm
Headsize: 630 cm2 or 98 sq in
Stiffness: 62 Ra
Swing weight: 270
String pattern: 18 x 20

It will obviously be customised to Monfils specs because a 270 unstrung swing weight for a control racquet is a little silly in my opinion.


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  • We know that the majority of Pros don't actually use the racket that the paintjob suggests, so is there anything stopping Gael continuing to use the H19 and having it painted in an Artengo racket's colours? The deceit on the public would be no worse than pretending an H19 is a stock Ultra.

  • From Artengo France site:
    Caractéristiques techniques :
    - Poids : 305g
    - Equilibre en manche : 31,5 cm
    - Taille de tamis : 630 cm2
    - Rigidité : 62 Ra
    - Inertie : 270
    - Plan de cordage : 18 x 20
    Prix public recommandé : 110€ TTC (non cordée)
    Couleur : Noir / Gris / Violet

  • That's the specs of Gael's new racquet:

    Caractéristiques techniques :

    Poids : 300g
    Equilibre en manche : 31,5 cm
    Taille de tamis : 630 cm2
    Rigidité : 62 Ra
    Inertie : 270
    Plan de cordage : 18 x 20
    Prix public recommandé : 110€ TTC (non cordée)
    Couleur : Noir / Gris / Violet

  • I tried the 16 x 19 version of this frame in 2021 for a number hitting sessions.
    I thought it was not bad, though less comfortable and less consistent than my current frame of choice [with nearly identical specs], the CX 200.

    There was one glaring problem: the strings were poorly placed, in 2 ways.
    First, the spacing was almost similar throughout the racquet face. On most racquets, the strings are closer towards the sweet spot, and spaced further apart gradually outside of it. While this was also the case with the TR960 Precision Pro 16 x 19, it was to a much lesser degree than with the CX 200.
    Second, I think it makes sense to have the mains spaced a bit further apart for more spin, and the crosses a bit closer together to maintain a dense string bed and thereby aid control. The CX 200 is built this way, more so than most racquets I think. You also see some frames with a 16 x 20 pattern to achieve this result. The TR960 Precision Pro (16 x 19) actually had the opposite spacing. The mains were closer together than the crosses! I do not understand the thinking behind that choice.

    The TR960 Precision Pro also felt stiffer and less comfortable than the CX 200. This could be due to the Sonic Core dampening material of the CX 200, which does its job. Often a dampened racquet has less feel, but the CX 200 actually communicated better with me than the TR960 Precision Pro.

    The other thing that I did not like, and it is personal preference, is that the butt cap is not very flared, sort of like a Babolat or a Head. I prefer a more sharply flared butt cap, like a Wilson or a Dunlop. Of course this can be modified to suit one's preferences.

    The one area where the TR960 Precision Pro 16 x 19 might be considered superior is in power. The CX 200 is a somewhat low powered control frame, and the TR960 Precision Pro is a bit more powerful. In the CX 200 I have addressed this through string choice & tension.

    You can notice the engineering pedigree of the merged Srixon and Dunlop organizations in that the CX 200 is just a bit better in almost every dimension, despite the TR 960 Precision Pro not being a poor frame. The bottom line for me was noticeably lower consistency and comfort, so I returned the TR960 Precision Pro. However, it was 1/2 the price of the Dunlop, and with improved string placement, it could have been much closer. That would be an easy fix in the TR960 Pro 16 x 19 mark II ! (anybody at Decathlon reading this?)

  • I am trying to find the 27.5 inch rackets, but I cannot find it on the decathlon website. Where can I find it?

  • Is it me or does the specs sound like a hairpin that they slapped a grip on.

    Seems ripe for customisation to me. I’m hoping they’re something like the current Wilson Ultra Tour / Pro models.

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