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Holger Rune’s Racquet

The Nordics are coming back to the tennis elite! 🙂 Casper Ruud, Emil Ruusuvuori and Holer Rune. But what is Holger Rune’s racquet?

Holger Rune has been a Babolat Pure Drive for most of his career, I would assume strung with Babolat RPM Blast. But in his latest Challenger in Oeiras, he was seen playing with a blacked-out racquet that judging by pictures is nothing remotely similar to a Pure Drive. What is Holger Rune’s racquet? For now, it remains a blacked-out mystery.

It’s always fascinating to see professional tennis players try new racquets. Whether it’s from a potential sponsor or they’re just looking to improve something in their game, it’s not an easy thing to do. They have grooved their strokes with the same gear for years and every tweak needs time to settle in to their strokes and game. In the case of going for a powerful racquet to a Pure Drive, to something with a thinner beam and less free power, it’s quite a dramatic shift and it makes me curious to see what it might bring into Rune’s game.

Holger Rune in numbers

Holger Rune is currently 18 years of age, ranked 291 in the world (career best) and a resident of Charlottenlund in Denmark. His full name is actually Holger Vitus Nodskov Rune. He weighs 77 kg (169 lbs) and is 1.88 m (6’2″). He is happy on clay and his game is built around a big forehand – not dissimilar from Casper Ruud.

He won the French Open Boys’ singles in 2019 and became a full-time tennis pro in 2020. He is one of the most hyped-up players on and is expected to make a quick rise in the rankings, similar to that of Carlos Alcaraz Garfia. We have often talked about the next gen, but perhaps we spoke too soon. The generation coming up now could be the one to really break the dominance of the big three. It remains to be seen of course.

What do you think Holger Rune’s racquet is and what do you predict for him in the future? 


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  • He has done nothing except receive allot of wildcards due to being coached at moroutoglou's. Always be a question mark about him for me until he starts putting a few winning runs together. And gets somewhere near the top 50. He's been hyped up for years. The ATP has spent a phenomenal amount of money painting tsitsipas, zverev, Medvedev as the next gen to try and stop the sports popularity waning when Nadal Federer djokovic (Murray) retire. They're not going to start watering their new brand down by painting a new set as the next next gen, so eventually his hype will reach a wall that only results will break through. And then we'll see whether he's anything, but there have been players who done alot more by his age (that's the thing that's really stood out for me about him, the past two years all he has done is post clips on Instagram of his forehand. In that time lots of 18yr olds have broken into the tour with an exciting splash

  • in the last tournement he played with a blacked out racquet as well as a pure strike looking racquet so it seems he is trying some different racquets out

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