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The smallest tennis racquet in the world

What is the smallest tennis racquet in the world? Well, there are miniature racquets, but the smallest playable one is the Saber.

The Smallest Tennis Racquet in the World

I created a FT Saber review a while back, but I like revisiting this racquet and enjoy bringing it to different players I train with. Yesterday I hit with Malta’s best tennis player, Matthew Asciak, and we gave the Saber a proper test. He had never tried it before, but I could see the sense of surprise and enjoyment on his face as he realized that it wasn’t as difficult to hit with as he first thought. A 37 sq inch racquet head on a market where most racquets are around 100 sq inches is a challenge, but that is the whole point behind it.

Playing with the smallest racquet in the world is fun and helps you work on your contact point, your stroke, and finding that elusive sweet spot. It works just like a regular racquet. You don’t need to change your game or technique to play with it. Why not play a whole match with the Saber? It can be a great way to even out uneven match-ups!

I have tried pretty much all the so-called Sweet Spot tools on the market, and this is my favorite because it feels and plays the most like a regular racquet. It was fun to test the Tennis Pointer (so-called “wooden spoon”), but I much prefer the sensation of strings to a plank of wood. I also think it is important that practice reflects match play.

Watch Matthew try the Saber

In the video above you can watch Matthew try the Saber and a few other racquets like the Yonex Ezone 100 and the Babolat Pure Aero VS. His standard racquet is the Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 strung with Luxilon Alu Power 1.25 at 21 kg or 47 lbs

You can buy the Functional Tennis Saber here. Since Tennisnerd is an affiliate of Functional Tennis, we get a small commission if you use our link. But we only partner with brands and products we believe in.


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