Luxilon ALU Power Black

Luxilon introduces a limited edition version of their legendary ALU Power string used by many pros worldwide – it’s Luxilon ALU Power Black.

The new Luxilon ALU Power Black string comes with a limited edition black coating. It’s the first time ALU Power is introduced in black color. How does it play? You will have to wait for my review (coming soon).


This is how Luxilon describes their own string: 

Now available in a limited edition black coating, ALU Power is the top string on tour for a reason – the aluminum present in the string enhances playability to go along with an impressive blend of power and control for advanced players. Its unique poly-ether-ether composition exceeds all quality standards for near-zero string variance. Completely impervious to atmospheric conditions such as moisture, ALU Power delivers unrivaled consistent performance for championship-worthy results.

Sounds good, right? That’s why I’m keen to test it. I will string it up in a couple of different racquets and see how it performs.

String Expectations

I expect the string to play a bit stiffer as the color of polyester strings makes a difference. The livelier the color, the livelier the feel. Black strings are usually stiffer and “deader” in their string bed response. I’m sure if you compare it to the lime-colored Alu Power, you will find the Lime to play softer and more powerful despite being the same gauge and string family. But this is my prediction. When I enter the play-test I will of course do so with open eyes.

Have you tried Luxilo ALU Power Black? What did you think of it?

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