Solinco String Comparison

I’ve been asked to do string comparisons so here’s a Solinco string comparison between Hyper-G Soft, Tour Bite Soft and Confidential.

I’m keen to hear what string comparisons you would like to see next, let me know in the comments below. As you know, I enjoy Solinco strings and have been using especially Hyper-G Soft on a regular basis. I can also expand on this Solinco string comparison because this is not every string they have. There are some interesting strings I haven’t tried like Jenson Brookby‘s choice Solinco Outlast for example.

Like always, I think most people prefer to watch the video, but I have also written down some thoughts below to summarize.

Solinco String Comparison Video

For players looking for a livelier and softer feel, I recommend Solinco Hyper-G Soft. It’s a string I use regularly, but in more open patterns like 100 sq inch racquets with 16×19 patterns, it can be a little lively and doesn’t last quite as long. You can always go up in gauge then, which is a general recommendation. For more open patterns, go for a thicker gauge and/or deader string like Confidential in this case.

Solinco Tour Bite Soft is also a good option for players who don’t want to go for a stiff poly. It’s a bit more controlled and dead than Hyper-G Soft, but still pretty soft on the arm.

Confidential is another story. It’s not a harsh string, but definitely more focused on tension maintenance (softer strings drop tension quicker) and control. If you have a racquet with a lively string bed, I tend to opt for Confidential, which is a bit more comfortable than strings like regular Tour Bite.

Like I said above, you can dial in control using tension and the choice of gauge. Higher tension and/or thicker gauge for more control and lower tension/thinner gauge for a softer feel and better comfort/power. It’s all depending on your preferences, playing style, and what you want to achieve.

What strings of these three would you pick?


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