Solinco String Comparison

I’ve been asked to do string comparisons so here’s a Solinco string comparison between Hyper-G Soft, Tour Bite Soft and Confidential.

I’m keen to hear what string comparisons you would like to see next, let me know in the comments below. As you know, I enjoy Solinco strings and have been using especially Hyper-G Soft on a regular basis. I can also expand on this Solinco string comparison because this is not every string they have. There are some interesting strings I haven’t tried like Jenson Brookby‘s choice Solinco Outlast for example.

Like always, I think most people prefer to watch the video, but I have also written down some thoughts below to summarize.

Solinco String Comparison Video

For players looking for a livelier and softer feel, I recommend Solinco Hyper-G Soft. It’s a string I use regularly, but in more open patterns like 100 sq inch racquets with 16×19 patterns, it can be a little lively and doesn’t last quite as long. You can always go up in gauge then, which is a general recommendation. For more open patterns, go for a thicker gauge and/or deader string like Confidential in this case.

Solinco Tour Bite Soft is also a good option for players who don’t want to go for a stiff poly. It’s a bit more controlled and dead than Hyper-G Soft, but still pretty soft on the arm.

Confidential is another story. It’s not a harsh string, but definitely more focused on tension maintenance (softer strings drop tension quicker) and control. If you have a racquet with a lively string bed, I tend to opt for Confidential, which is a bit more comfortable than strings like regular Tour Bite.

Like I said above, you can dial in control using tension and the choice of gauge. Higher tension and/or thicker gauge for more control and lower tension/thinner gauge for a softer feel and better comfort/power. It’s all depending on your preferences, playing style, and what you want to achieve.

What strings of these three would you pick?


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  • I recently went with the Solinco hybrid (Vanquish 16 in the crosses and Tour Bite 17 in the mains) and I’m really liking it. Controlled, some pop and still decent access to spin.

  • Perfect review! Just received my 2 New 2019 Head Prestige MP racquets that I was lucky enough to buy for $119@ at Tennis-Point. Solinco Tour Bite regular or soft in a 17? What would be the best Solinco hybrid setup? You and I have similar game styles, I want comfortable control to hit deep flat balls, especially when I'm cranking my one-handed backhand for winners. If there's a setup that let's me improve my American Twist without messing with my flat first serve, I'm all ears. YOU ARE THE MAN LOL!

    • Thanks. Try a multifilament or natural gut 1.30 in the mains at 55 lbs and Tour Bite Soft in the crosses at 51 lbs.

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