TopSpin Strings

When I write topspin strings in the headline I don’t mean strings for topspin, but TopSpin strings – the brand from Spodeco.

Yeah, it’s tough to find a good name for a tennis brand these days that is not already used to death. But strings are not about the name, but about how they play. I have received four different TopSpin string samples from Spodeco: Top rotation, Max rotation, Cyberflash, and Hybro Spin (hybrid string set).

I will review all four of these strings in a joint review. I usually like to experiment a bit to see how the strings perform in different racquets and that’s why reviewing four different strings will take a little while. I have already played TopSpin Cyberflash and that’s definitely a competent round poly, reminding me of Weisscannon Silverstring for example.

You can check out TopSpin strings and Weisscannon strings on Tennis Warehouse and Tennis Warehouse Europe.

Poly strings

All four strings I’ve received for the test are polyester strings, meaning that if you have arm issues or generally prefer multifilament or gut strings, that these are not for you. But most players use poly strings today due to their control, spin potential, and durability.

One way to increase the comfort of a poly string bed is to drop your tension. There are players on the ATP tour that play with tensions below 40 lbs or around 18 kg! This was unheard of 10-15 years ago but is now possible due to a more top-spin-oriented game where you can still get control with a low tension. Another benefit of dropping your tension is that you open up the sweet spot and increase your depth of shot and ball-pocketing. Yes, control can be an issue for flatter hitters, but still, worth a try if you’re a player that tends to string above 50 lbs.

I’ve already tested two of these strings and will dive into the rest of the play-test in the coming weeks. Watch this space or my YouTube channel for an upcoming review.


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