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Tennis Is Almost Back After Coronavirus, Here’s What You Should Know

by GP

After enduring one of the most prolonged periods without tennis, the fans are up for some action on the courts after reopening from 1st June. Almost all the European countries have already allowed tennis except in Wales. Also, with the top German league, Bundesliga already backs on the casino, nothing more seemed fair than to let tennis resume. Even though the games are returning, you most probably have several underlying concerns that you need addressing.

Here are some of the information to know while gearing to support your favorite tennis players.

First things first – Players Health and Safety.

The leading concern among most fans is what the game's resumption means to the health of the players. For a fact, every player must first prove they are coronavirus free before resuming training. They have to undergo medical tests and confirm results. Any player who displays symptoms has been in contact with a positive patient is exempted from playing for 14 days.

Once they have certified, they are fit; there are several guidelines to keep them healthy. The guidelines provide that only outdoor courts are open for games during this period. The players must book the facilities in advance and make any payments online.

After a long time off, players are highly susceptible to injuries during training. To avoid injuries, players need to resume the training intensity gradually. They should consider both on and off training regimes while regaining the previous momentum.

What are the New Game Rules? 

The different country tennis federations have come up with new game rules to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. The players should stay at least 6 feet from each other and avoid any form of physical contact. The players must also ensure coordination when playing double to prevent physical contact. Avoid picking the ball with your hands. Instead, use the racket, whether when hitting or throwing to the opponent. Also, avoid sharing possessions and food.

Where do the fans come in?

As a tennis fan, you are probably wondering how you will get to enjoy your favorite sport. First, due to your safety and that of the other supporters and players, you are not yet able to attend tennis matches in the stadiums. Instead, you need to keep healthy at home while following the games on TV. Most of the top sports channels are already back ready to bring you all the live actions. Look out for the sports channel’s programs for the schedules and updates.

How about betting?

While it seems that tennis is currently not as it was before, one aspect that never changes is the betting. If you are a gamer, then refresh your odd analysis skills for online sites like nettikasino are active as ever. Some of the top betting games like the Pelaa Reactoonz have several offers for the ultimate experience.

Last Words

Nothing sucks more than months without a dose of your favorite activities. Well, all that will now be in the past with the tennis already back in most countries. Still, it has several new things to follow.

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Hans Hagberg June 10, 2020 - 15:41

One little clever mitigation they recommend here in Sweden is for each player to have designated balls. The intention is to only touch your own (tennis)balls with your hands. The balls need to be marked if not already. The balls of the opponents are only touched by the strings and perhaps an occasional frame. So don’t touch the strings or frame…

The balls are the biggest risk since they are in direct contact with hands. They also fly around and drop off potentially contaminated fluff. Some fibers stay in the air and end up in our lungs. Some end up on the court and gets kicked around or picked up by other balls. Cleaning the court often helps. Outdoor courts are exposed to UV light so the virus particles deactivate quickly compared to indoors.

Tennisnerd June 11, 2020 - 08:22

Good point, Hans. I guess using antibacterial gel from time to time to clean your hands is also a good idea if you’re worried. The main recommendation I think is to try to play outdoors.


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