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Podcast featuring Richard Parnell and Dennis Fabian

The idea for this “Christmas special” podcast featuring Richard Parnell and Dennis Fabian was not mine, but I greatly enjoyed it!

I recently did a podcast with Dennis Fabian, the Business Manager for HEAD Accessories and Strings where we dove into a wide range of topics including the new HEAD Lynx Touch string. Dennis has worked in the industry for a long time (previously for Prince) and is extremely knowledgeable about strings and racquets. We realized we could probably talk for more than one hour and Dennis came up with the idea to include stringing legend Richard Parnell.

Richard is the inventor of the Parnell knot and there are not many top tennis pros that he hasn’t strung for in his long career as a stringer. He now runs a language school in Mijas in Costa del Sol, but also strings occassionally at Wimbledon and a few other select tournaments every year. He also strings for many pros who do their off-season in the Marbella area.

Podcast featuring Richard Parnell and Dennis Fabian

In this podcast we talk about the following topics:

  • Low string tensions
  • The importance of sound in a tennis racquet
  • How to use the ERT 300 string tension tool
  • The importance of stringing “straight”
  • How to improve the level of stringing worldwide
  • Do strings gain or lose tension after stringing? 🙂
  • Can players get too obsessed about gear?
  • Why does Kei Nishikori sometimes stencil his own racquets?
  • Is customization only for pros?
  • How can shop owners improve their services?
  • Should you use different racquets for doubles and singles?
  • A discussion about longer racquets
  • Stretching your racquet!?

I hope you like the podcast, if you do, please subscribe to it on whatever podcast service you listen on. Thanks!

And Merry Christmas!


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