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Fix your forehand

Maybe your forehand isn’t broken. Perhaps it’s already a weapon. But there can be things to improve. We call it “Fix your forehand.”

I wouldn’t be able to do this Fix your forehand video without the help of my friend and excellent tennis player, Nikki Roenn. Nikki used to be a professional tennis player and sometimes hits with a certain Novak Djokovic and other profile pro players when they’re in Marbella, Spain.

Nikki runs Unstrung Customs, where he paints, strings, and customizes racquets worldwide for pros and club players. He has also created courses for stringing and painting racquets on the pro level. He has also coached strong players locally.

Tennisnerd is not only about racquets and strings (if you need help with that you can check out countless content on the site or my YouTube channel. But I also want to highlight other topics like amazing courts and venues, experiencing tennis live and tennis training content like the recent video about footwork, shot selection and this one about the forehand.

It’s in short, about all things tennis. I’m a journalist from the beginning and I’m trying to approach my passion with a sense of wonder and discovery, while also letting different voices speak and not just mine.

Make your forehand into a weapon

The above video features three essential tips to improve your forehand power. I am the student because I have some issues with over-rotating and having too many moving parts on my stroke. It also influences my control as I tend not to be a hundred percent stable when I hit the stroke. Nikki’s advice in this video is excellent, and I could almost instantly see the increase in power and penetration through the court.

You don’t fix your forehand in one session (or any stroke for that matter), but with dedication and discipline, I’m sure you can quickly improve your stroke with these tips.

What coaching would you want us to tackle next? Let me know in the comments below.


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  • These latest technique videos with Karl and Nikki are amazing, super helpful! A little bit different (in a good way) to what is on most Youtube tennis coaching channels, you can tell these guys have seen lots of club players and know what the common problems (and fixes) are ... love to see more.

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