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The Rafa Nadal Academy

by TN

The most impressive tennis facility that I’ve ever been to is the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca, Spain. It’s like Disneyland for tennis fans.

I came to Mallorca to visit the beautiful Mallorca Country Club, but you can’t be a tennis nerd, go to Mallorca and NOT visit the Rafa Nadal Academy. So on short notice I got in touch with media director Antonio Arenas, drove across the island and got a tour of the spectacular academy. There is really no other word to describe it.

The Rafa Nadal Academy has everything for a tennis fan. For the ambitious player, you can stay in the hotel and do a week of training with coaches. The possibility is there for both seniors and juniors. You can also just visit the Rafa Nadal museum, which has a really impressive exhibit of tennis racquets, trophies, apparel and other famous sports memorabilia.

What they offer at the Rafa Nadal Academy/Museum

Clay Courts
Hard Courts
Indoor Courts
Padel courts
Indoor pool
Outdoor pool
Medical centre
Virtual reality games

(Yes, pretty much everything a tennis nerd can ask for).

What people say

I have gotten some comments from people who have visited the academy and this is a quote from my patron (join Patreon and be an awesome person) Daniel K:

Hey Jonas, Great video of the Nadal Academy. I just came back from there on Friday. I had 12 tennis lessons (-2 due to weather). It was an amazing experience. Great open people, great coaches and a amazing place in general. The lessons in the total tennis plus program really worked and I could step up my game significantly. For every tennis lover who wants to improve, this is the place to go, really. And considering the benefits you get, the money is 100% worth it.

I also got some positive comments about the place in the comments of the YouTube video (see below).

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