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As a passionate tennis player, I always look for ways to take my game to the next level. To help you do that more affordably, I’ve set up some Tennisnerd deals.

Whether it’s true online coaching, a new racquet, the right string, shoes, bag or any other tool or service that can improve my enjoyment of the game. Tennis can be costly and I’m trying to set up various deals with companies so that you can get discounts or trials for products you’re curious about.

Note: I only partner and affiliate products I personally believe in and have tested. Tennisnerd is a passion project from a humble tennis enthusiast. Here are some tennisnerd deals!


TopCourt is an online video platform packed with instructional videos from top pros and coaches. Learn from players like Nick Kyrgios, Denis Shapovalov, Andrey Rublev, Grigor Dimitrov, Venus Williams, Iga Swiatek, Elina Svitolina, the Bryan Brothers and many more.

Get a free 14-day trial of TopCourt here. If you don’t like the product, just make sure to cancel before the period and you won’t be charged.

Check out my TopCourt review here.


Swingvision is an awesome new software/app for tracking your shots. Record yourself, have the software cut out all the deadtime in between points, see where you hit each shot and how hard you hit them. It also collects lots of other data from your training sessions and matches. And if you use an Apple Watch, it can even provide remote line-calling.

Get a 30-day free trial of Swingvision Pro here.

You can also check out my Swingvision review here.

Functional Tennis tools

Functional Tennis offers several interesting tools for tennis improvement such as the Tennis Pointer, the Saber, the match journals and the recording fence mount.

You can check out their products here.

Mayami Strings

I really enjoy Mayami strings, their Tour Hex and Magic Twist are two good examples.

Now you can get 15% off your purchase using the code TENNISNERD.

Cancha Bags

Cancha Bags is a new innovative tennis brand with a fresh take on the traditional tennis bag.

Check out my podcast with founder Jack Oswald here.

You get 10% off your purchase using my link.

Play Your Court

Play Your Court is an online platform for finding a coach or a hitting partner. If you use my link/code, you get 50% off a membership.

Reynolds Resistance

If you’re an ambitious tennis player who wants to take your game to the next level, you should check out the Gravity Belt from Reynolds Resistance. It will help you focus on the knee bend and improve your overall strength on the court.

Right now you get 10% off using my link.

Geau Bags

Chris Pageau has a background in the outdoor industry and he has now taken it to tennis with his bestselling Axiom tennis  bags. I really liked both pags I tested and I keep using the backpack during all my travels as hand luggage.

I review the bags here.

Buy  them here and use the code TENNISNERD10 for 10% off.

Tennis Warehouse

I hope to be able to set up some deals with Tennis Warehouse, but for now you can check out their clearance page for items at great prices.

This is the “for sale” page at Tennis Warehouse Europe.

And here is one for Tennis Only.

Wilson Tennis

I’m also trying to set up some kind of deal with Wilson Tennis as they do a lot of different design releases etc.

Watch this space for more. Check out their official webshop here.

Angell Tennis

Angell Custom TC 90 Racquet Review

Angell creates some excellent custom racquets for the racquet connoisseur.

Check out their offering here.

I’ve done many Angell racquet reviews. Just search and you shall find. Or check out the brand page.

Unstrung Customs

Unstrung Customs - logo

My friend Nikki runs Unstrung Customs where he customizes and paints racquets for everyone from beginner to ATP pro.

He is a master stringer and has a created a few courses on racquet painting, customization and stringing.

Get 20% off his courses if you use the code tennisnerd.

TopSpin Pro

This is an interesting and quite popular tool for working on your top spin. I sometimes take it out at home just to feel the swing of the racquet. Great product for kids and players starting out or players that want to change their grip or style to more topspin-oriented.

Check out the TopSpin Pro on their official website.

I review the TopSpin Pro here.

The Flexbar

I don’t have any deals for the Flexbar and no cooperation with the company, but it’s one of those products that can be vital for improving a tennis elbow injury.

Buy the Flexbar at Amazon

Martin Tennis Fitness Courses

My friend Nathan Martin has been a fitness trainer for players like Lleyton Hewitt. I have had him as a guest on the podcast and I have used his courses to improve my footwork and strength and conditioning.

The excellent Speed, Agility and Power program, get 10% off using on this program and others by using the code: TENNISNERD10

Here are some of the courses I’ve used.

Grapplesnake Strings

I’ve tested two Grapplesnake strings that I really enjoy, the Tour M8 and the Tour Sniper. If you want to try these or other Grapplesnake strings, you can use this link and get 10% off your purchase.

10% off on Nordic Dots Apparel

I really enjoy Nordic Dots tennis apparel. They’re focused on sustainability and last the longest of any tennis apparel brand I’ve tried. Many washes in, they’re still going strong.

Check out Nordic Dots here (they also sell padel bats and accessories) and get 10% off with the code TENNISNERD10.

Sergetti stringing method

Try expanding your sweet spot through the Sergetti stringing method. I revew it here.

Code: TENNISNERD-15 for 15% off


What deals and products are you looking for?

Let me know in the comments if there is something I should try to work on. I want to give back as much to tennis community as possible, so expect more giveaways and discounts to pop up on Tennisnerd in the future.

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