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Geau Sport Axiom Racquet Bag 2.0 Review

by TN

I have previously reviewed Geau bags and was impressed by their design and durability. Here is my Geau Sport Axium 2.0 racquet bag review.

Geau Sport Axiom Racquet Bag 2.0

The Geau Sport Axiom 2.0 racquet bag I tested this time around is the 12-racquet bag version. In my previous review of the Geau Sport Axiom 1.0, I liked almost everything about the bag but missed some space for racquets. I am a true tennis nerd and serial racquet tester, and I want to have room for six racquets at least. As I noted in that review, it’s a special case. Most people don’t carry more than four racquets to the tennis court, and most players carry only two. If you only need to bring two racquets to the court, I think the Axiom backpack 2.0 is a great option.

Watch my in-depth Geau Sport Axiom bag review below.

I talked to the founder, Chris Pageau, about the bags and was impressed by his thinking about his products. The Geau (pronounced “Go”) Sport bags are a work of passion and experience since he has an in-depth background in the industry.

For decades, tennis bags have remained unchanged. Tired designs, unevolved function, and an oversized tennis racket brand logo for some flair are the usual suspects. I know this because of my personal story of finding tennis as a child, later walking away from it, and then finding it again.
– Chris Pageau

What’s in the bag?

There are loads of features of the Geau Sport Axiom racquet bag. If you want a detailed description of every single one of them, I suggest checking out the Geau Meticulous section on the product page. But in short, I have been using this bag as my regular tennis bag for a while, and I find it hard to fault. Some might find it a bit big, but it’s a definite winner for a guy like me, who likes so-called 15-racquet monster tennis bags

It comes with enough pockets for all my stuff, including at least four racquets, tripod, shoes, extra clothes, water bottles, tennis balls, grips, phone, overgrips, yeah I don’t need any more space than the Axium 12-racquet bag offers. For me personally, it’s a large improvement over the 9-racquet bag.


These features are listed on the product page. I think there has been a clear and clever evolution from 1.0 of the bags.

  • Now available in two sizes: 9 Pack and 12 Pack.
  • Now available in two colors: Black and Aegean Blue
  • Several improvements:
    • Changed interior from black to silver for better visibility of gear inside
    • Improved capacity and functionality of all exterior pockets (stretchy exterior material)
    • Added hanging hook for hanging on a fence
    • Roomier fit for racquets.


All-in-all, the Geau Axiom racquet bag 2.0 is a winner. I will keep using it. I enjoy the compartments for organization, the ample space for bringing loads of stuff to the court and that it is standing up. Just a stellar tennis bag with a clean design.

You can buy the Geau Sport Axiom racquet bag here.

Geau Sport Axiom backpack 2.0

I have been using the 1.0 backpack since I got it for all my travel. I don’t particularly use it for tennis but as my sturdy and clever flight companion. I honestly thought it was difficult to improve on the Geau backpack as it has been my favorite backpack ever made.

I find their meticolous product page to give a great overview of its features. What is new in 2.0? Let’s have a look.


    • Now available in two colors: Black and Aegean Blue
    • Several improvements:
      • Changed interior from black to silver for better visibility of gear inside
      • Improved capacity of exterior water bottle pocket (taller)
      • Improved functionality of top crush-resistant pocket (side pleats to prevent items from spilling out)
      • Added sternum strap for a more secure fit when cycling
      • Roomier fit for racquets.

I now own the Aegean blue version of the backpack, which looks and feels great. My black 1.0 version is still going strong and came with me to Spain. But the improvements might force me to make the switch to 2.0.

As you can tell, I have nothing negative to say about the Geau Sport backpack. The best tennis backpack I have ever used.

Geau bag accessories

You can get different accessories for your Geau bag. These include extra dividers, a floating pocket and a compression packing cube. I didn’t need the extra dividers but found the floating pocket and compression packing cube clever solutions to get even more space since I wanted to bring as much stuff as possible to the tennis court.


I really enjoy my Geau Sport bags. I have used the backpack for over a year, and it’s been great. However, the 9-racquet bag was a bit small for “tennis nerdism” as I lacked some space for racquets. But with the Geau Axiom 2.0 racquet bag, I have all the space I need. I will keep using this bag to the court as I appreciate its clean and clever design, plenty of storage, and organizational features.

Last but not least, the price. Yes, these bags are in the higher range of tennis bags compared to standard tennis bags. However, the features, durability, and lack of huge brand logos make up for that. It’s not a budget bag, but considering how much use I have had from my backpack, I think you will likely save money in the long run, thanks to the superior durability.

You can check out Geau Sport bags on the official website (use any of my links for a 10% discount) or Tennis Warehouse (if you purchase anything through my links, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you).

Have you tried Geau Sport bags? Let me know what you think about them in the comments below!

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