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What is Fast Track Tennis?

by Jonas Eriksson

Fellow tennis nerd Johan is behind a new type of tennis ball machine system to improve your tennis called Fast Track Tennis. What is Fast Track Tennis?

Fast Track Tennis Ball Machine is suitable for beginners to advanced players. Whether it is your first contact with tennis or whether you are an experienced tennis player and want to improve your technique and footwork, lots of fun is guaranteed.

The benefit of this ball machine s that you can work on your game without access to a tennis court. You need a racquet and some balls, that is it. It is a way to groove your strokes and work on your game even in a (relatively) tight space.

What it is:

Portable Tennis Ball Machine
Automatic Tennis Trainer
Ball Launcher for Tennis

You can watch how Fast Track Tennis works here.

What you get with the Fast Track Tennis system

  • Muscle Memory Ball Feeder + Energy Capture Net
  • Twelve long-lasting balls (replacement balls available).
  • Smartphone app + FREE tripod (included).
  • COMING SOON – Remote Gaming and Tele-Coaching.
  • Easy up / easy down on any hard, flat surface (net size 7’x7′)
  • 4 second feeds (15 shots per minute or 900 shots per hour)
  • Proportioned to full court.  Catches even the hardest hits.
  • 4 D cell batteries (not included) or plugin AC adapter


The product can now be ordered from Fast Track Tennis EU and if you use the code TENNISNERD10, you get 10% off your order. The pre-order price is €499.95.

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