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Podcast with Nikola Aracic from Intuitive Tennis

by Jonas Eriksson

I have been a fan of Nikola Aracic from Intuitive Tennis for a while, and it was a lot of fun to have him on the podcast.

Podcast with Nikola Aracic from Intuitive Tennis

Nikola Aracic is a former top 40 NCAA D1 college player and tennis coach with 25 years of experience. He is one of the leading coaches on YouTube and has built a devoted following thanks to his straightforward approach and coaching methods. In this podcast, we talk about everything from how he got started, to racquets and strings, if it’s too late to become a pro, and much more.

You can watch our podcast on YouTube or listen to it in the embedded Podbean player below. Or check it out on Spotify, iTunes and other podcasting platforms.

Time stamps

For an easier listening experience, here are the time stamps to my podcast with Nikola Aracic.

00:00 Intro banter
01:30 The story behind Intuitive Tennis
07:48 Why Nikola loves teaching beginners
10:33 His approach to creating content
18:11 Recent gear reviews
24:03 Manufacturers need to improve
27:48 What is important when you choose a racket
35:51 Blaming the racket
43:33 Nikola is a tennisnerd
48:51 Rackets haven’t changed since…
56:46 The importance of gear
1:06:14 What is Nikola’s painted racquet?
1:07:12 Giving racquet advice and dealing with the demand
1:20:34 The tennis landscape on social media
1:24:34 The aging tennis fans
1:28:02 Why you shouldn’t watch pro tennis highlights
1:39:02 The difference between good amateurs and pros
1:42:18 Is it too late for me to turn pro?


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