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TopSpinPro Review

by Jonas Eriksson

I’m always interested in tools that can help me improve my tennis. That is why I was keen to do this TopSpinPro Review.

The TopSpin Pro is, like the name suggests, a tool to help players generate topspin. The game of tennis has evolved into a sport that is mainly centered around the topspin shot, but it is not a technique that comes naturally to a lot of players. The idea of the TopSpinPro is to teach players how to naturally angle their racquet to create more topspin. This will, in turn, allow for a greater margin of error. If you learned way back when tennis balls were mainly hit without a lot of spin and underpin (slice) was more popular than topspin, this tool might actually help you, but I think it is mainly intended for new players to the sport. So the short form of this TopSpinPro review would be to say that this is a great teaching tool for coaches.

I got interested in this tool for personal reasons. Over the course of a year or so, I’ve tried to transition from an Eastern (almost Continental grip) towards a Semi-Western forehand. The reason being that I could hit flat shots well, especially on the rise, but I often struggled with consistency in matches when the arm got tight. I am not a hundred percent there yet and the struggle “has been real”, but I’m finally getting closer to a more solid and reliable forehand. If I had this tool at the beginning of my forehand transition journey, it would probably have been a lot easier.

I’m actually so impressed by this training tool that I have signed up to be an affiliate of TopSpinPro (I only do this with products I believe in). So if you’re interested in the product, please consider purchasing it through this link where a small commission goes towards supporting Tennisnerd. Thanks.

TopSpinPro Review

Let’s look at some practical details of the TopSpinPro.

  • It’s portable and easy to assemble but weighs enough (4kg) to be stable when hitting.
  • If something breaks on it after wear and tear, you can buy replacement parts.
  • It costs €129 (buy it here)
  • It has a 5-star review average from 127 reviews.

I really find it useful for getting my technique back together after switching racquets all the time and playing around with the technique.  I’m sure that building a solid foundation of topspin will help you hit fewer errors and enjoy tennis more.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?

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