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How Djokovic Plays Differently

by TN

Novak Djokovic has recently won his 7th Wimbledon title. Why makes him so great? Coach Evan talks about how Djokovic plays differently.

How Djokovic Plays Differently

Coach Evan Gaudreau is back for yet another podcast. We focused on Djokovic, his patterns and how he plays differently to achieve the heights of tennis that he does. Even if he often loses an early set in a Grand Slam, he wins those matches 90% of the time. He doesn’t seem prone to nerves and tends to feel that if he just sticks to his game and his plan, he will be fine.

Evan argues that Djokovic uses box training and has taken his understanding of this element of the game to the next level. This means that Djokovic can hit almost any spot on the court at will. This is an exaggeration of course, but his precision and understanding of court geometry is second to none. He picks his spots superbly well, hits with depth and breaks down players with his unrelenting tennis.

Djokovic’s understanding of tactics and strategy is as good, if not stronger, than his mental ability. You could even argue that the way he develops and executes game plans is what makes him so mentally strong. He always has an idea of where to hit thanks to well crafted drill patterns and a deeper knowledge of how to break down his opponents’ weaknesses.

There are other players on the tour that uses box training, but Djokovic is arguably the master. This can allow him to go two sets down to love in a Grand Slam final without panicking. He knows deep down that he will find a way. It’s extremely impressive.

The podcast

In the podcast we talk about Djokovic’s patterns, why he hired certain coaches, how club players can use box training, why junior should start getting into this asap and we also compare a player like Djokovic to players like Thiem, Alcaraz and Aliassime.

I hope you like our talk and whether you agree with him or not, I think Evan brings some interesting insights to the tennis discussion.

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