Geau Sport Tennis Bag Review

by Jonas Eriksson

Are you fed up with tennis bags that have huge logos of brands that don’t sponsor you? Check out this Geau Sport Tennis Bag Review.

Geau Sport is the brand of Chris Pageu, who has an extensive background in working in the outdoor industry, where the innovation around bags is on a different level to tennis. This is what he says about the creation of the Geau Sport Tennis Bag:

For decades, tennis bags have remained unchanged. Tired designs, unevolved function, and an oversized tennis racket brand logo for some flair are the usual suspects. I know this because of my personal story of finding tennis as a child, later walking away from it, and then finding it again.
– Chris Pageau, Founder

You can read more about Chris and Geau tennis bags on their official website.

Pros and cons of the Geau Sport Tennis Bag

I have used their Axiom 9-pack tennis bag for a couple of weeks and I’m really happy with it. There are a few real benefits compared to standard tennis bags:


The bag stands up
More compartments than most bags
No huge logos, clean design
Smart thinking around the placement of the shoe compartment etc
Good quality


No climate-controlled compartment (this actually doesn’t make a difference in temperature according to Chris’ research, but I had to mention it).

The bag can only hold 4 racquets, similar to most “Rackpack” bags. This is not an issue for most players, but die-hard tennis nerds can struggle with it :)

There is also the backpack

I use the backpack frequently as my carry-on travel bag. I don’t use it specifically for tennis because I need more racquets with me to the court, but as a backpack it’s great.

It has more compartments than most tennis backpacks, space for a water bottle, balls, a laptop, shoes, and two racquets. It’s sturdy and well-built and is perfect for a player who uses the bike or walks to the court and doesn’t need or want to carry so much stuff.

The Geau (pronounced “Go”) tennis bags are simply high-quality products that should appeal to a wide user base.

Check out Geau bags here.

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Anthony April 14, 2021 - 06:27

Hi Jonas, thanks again for the video/review. I was recently in touch with Geau asking about extended length racquets fitting in the compartments. Chris said two extended length racquets would be okay one in each racquet compartment. He also said the updated bag (expected to be in market in July) will be able to accommodate 4 x extended lengths. Updated model expected to have same price point.

I’m a big fan of the clean design – no massive logos. Quite an expensive purchase when you do the currency conversion and shipping to Oz. One to think about.

Ben December 3, 2021 - 04:28

Whoah so you prefer the geau bag over the Dunlop 12 pack you were using earlier?

TN December 3, 2021 - 08:46

I need more space and since the Geau bag only covers 4 racquets max, I’m going to go for a regular tennis bag. If there was more space for racquets, I’d enjoy the Geau for sure.


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