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5 Tips On Finding Perfect Tennis Coach On Campus

by GP

I’ve been living on campus for a month already, and I’m slowly getting the hang of it. I mean, I now know my way around, and I have made a few friends already. Some are my classmates, while others live in the same residence hall as me. I’m confident that I’ll be able to cruise by my freshman year as a sociology student while enjoying the company of my new-found friends.

None of my new buddies are tennis enthusiasts, and I want to play the sport regularly and during my free time. As I start college life, I also want to hone my skills and become an excellent tennis nerd. Since I’m new on campus, I find it hard to search for students who want to play.

I also don’t know where to find a perfect coach to help me at the start. A friend told me that the scientific method may be the most helpful and reasonable to use. As we are sociology majors we decided to do some research on what this discipline could offer. As I am just a freshman, I started looking for sociology essay example to understand whether there are any specific methods I can use to find people with similar interests I have. With the help of free samples I found online I was even able to come up with some interview questions and a personality test I would like my future coach to take to find a perfect match. I also used academic help to create an extended questionnaire for our student portal to help students find people with similar hobbies they have. It’s amazing how even a research paper on sociology can disclose totally new perspectives and ways to approach some common problems.

Sociology aside, I also tried a couple of other practical things to search for an instructor. And now I want to share my experience with you, guys, to help you find your perfect tennis coach on campus.


At first, I was apprehensive about asking for recommendations because I’m a little bit shy. I’m new at the university, and I don’t know a lot of people. I asked my friends for help, and they’re very accommodating. They said they’ll also ask their friends and will inform me if they find one.

School Paper or Website

Another idea that popped up was placing ads on the university website or school paper. It holds a lot of promise because it has a broader reach. As a freshman, I have established limited connections, so advertising definitely helped solve my problem.

Tennis Courts

A classmate in a sociology class told me to check the tennis courts. College tennis players practice regularly, and I may find my future tennis coach there. I asked a friend to accompany me to the tennis courts. It was a great experience because I could evaluate the skills and tennis techniques of many players on court and approach those with more professional skills. Even though you might not find your perfect coach from the first attempt, it’s important to make acquaintances with other tennis players on campus as they are always willing to help, play a set or two together or they may know someone eager to coach others. The latter was my case. I got off tennis court with a bunch of recommendations and tennis training arrangements for the upcoming week.

Bulletin Boards

Of course, going to tennis courts may be time-consuming and exhausting, especially if you don’t know training schedule of teams and individual players. So, when we saw a bulletin board a few meters from the entrance, we immediately knew what our next step would be. I decided to check and noticed that there’s a portion for personal ads. I read some of them and discovered some posts were from students also searching for a tennis instructor. I decided to meet up with them and, in case there skills were better than mine, ask one of them to become my coach.

Tennis Club

The Tennis Club is a stone’s throw away from the tennis courts, and since I have the whole afternoon free, I decided to drop by. My friend had another class, and he couldn’t accompany me anymore. The student players were very accommodating. They even asked me to join the student organization because they hold tennis clinics from time to time. I eagerly signed up with the club because, as I’ve said, I wanted to improve my playing skills.

They told me to leave my number because some members can help me. They said that they offer free coaching for their members, so I’m in luck. The organization president found out that I’m a sociology student, so he asked me to try finding some new information that can help tennis enthusiasts like us. I’m happy to know that they have scheduled learning sessions facilitated by fellow students.


As freshmen, we feel scared of checking our new surroundings. We find it challenging, forming new relationships because we feel shy. We must get out of our comfort zones and consider our universities as our home for four years. Like me, you may not know how to continue your sports activities in your new school. I had given you some practical tips, and if you want some scientific help in how you deal with new people, you can find a sample sociology paper for some ideas.

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