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Why Students Increasingly Prefer Playing Tennis

by Jonas Eriksson

Tennis is one of the 24 sports offered by the NCAA, and the number of colleges that offer this program is high enough. There always were students who were fans of tennis and tried to be on the team. However, 2020 was a big year for this sport. The overall tennis participation increased 22% last year, and tennis got almost 3 million new players. This statistic is just a total statistic for this sport; however, a significant part of people who decided to try their hand at tennis were college students.

We are sure that ordinary people join this activity because it’s one of the few activities that let players keep social distance and is safe. But what about students? They usually have a lot of duties and responsibilities. And they should be motivated by something important to be ready to carve out some time in their busy schedule. Let’s try to identify what makes them do it:

1.   The big prospects

We hope you all know that many varsity athletes who showed themselves well became professional athletes. It applies to all college sports, and tennis isn’t an exclusion. Even though they know that the percentage of NCAA student-athletes that manage to go pro is extremely low, they don’t lose hope. And it’s admirable to see the dedication and rush of winning like this. Some people may disagree with it and say that students must devote all their free time to learning new information. Still, only student-athletes know that being at least an NCAA athlete requires a person to complete certain courses, get only good grades.

2.   The opportunity to obtain the scholarship

The percentage of students who join the varsity tennis team to get a scholarship isn’t so high, but they exist. At the same time, the percentage of college athletes who obtain this scholarship is also low; it all depends on the college and the organization that awards this money grant. The eligibility criteria for it are strict everywhere, so only the decent ones manage to achieve their dream. If you fail, you shouldn’t get disappointed. You may continue playing tennis, but find a job to get extra money. Don’t worry about the academics; you can place an essay order online to free some time.

3.   The way to learn better

There are students who worry about their academic performance and try to do everything they can to get better grades. Numerous studies have been conducted to identify the dependence between playing tennis and doing well at school or college. It may seem there’s no dependence or relationship between these two aspects, but you’re wrong. Some reports from these studies state that students who played tennis get more A grades. Moreover, students who played sports turned out So let’s be more serious and determined than those who don’t play. They know what they will do after school, they have some ideas for their future, and they never behave badly.

4.   The opportunity to make new friends

Let’s don’t forget about the social benefits of tennis that may move students to take part in it. This aspect also applies to any sport. Tennis is played either with two or four players; and this number of people is relatively low in comparison with basketball, football and other team sports. However, students are sure it can help them to make a few good and trustworthy friends instead of a group of people you can’t be sure of. Tennis also offers an opportunity to practice alone when the person feels that the contacts with other people aren’t what he or she wants now.

5.   The risk of injury is low

Sports are usually associated with injuries, especially when they are played at a professional level. Tennis players get injured sometimes, but the frequency of incidents is lower. Tennis belongs to the non-contact sports on an equal basis with swimming, running, weight lifting, but those we mentioned have a higher risk of injury. There are a lot of places to run, so you will hardly collide with another athlete. Some injuries still occur, but they aren’t very serious. The most common injuries are joint injuries like tennis shoulder and tennis knee, muscle strains. If you diagnose them in time, you’ll treat them fast and return to the training routine soon.

6.   The way to improve the health

Tennis is a sport that is useful for the whole body. Don’t forget that students may play tennis just because it’s a sport. Students have a sedentary lifestyle and are searching for ways to become more active. Joining varsity athletics and tennis, in particular, is a way to keep your body fit. Tennis is perfect for those students who aren’t allowed to be too active because of certain health issues, but still want to play sports. Tennis helps to maintain the heart and the whole cardiovascular system, support joints and muscles, burn calories and stay fit.

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