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New Federer Shoe: NikeLab Oscillate Evolve x RF

by TN

Roger Federer is one of the strongest brands in sports and Nike want to use the massive investment they’ve put into the RF brand to the max. Here is the NikeLab Oscillate Evolve x RF.

The Nikelab Oscillate Evolve x RF will be released on NikeLab tomorrow May 25th. It will be available (I assume briefly since it is a limited edition shoe) in white and navy colour and in leather and nubuck (nubuck is a kind of matte leather, yeah I looked it up!).

It’s a big trend with signature shoes at the moment, but it’s not a new phenomenon. After all, even Pete Sampras rocked Nike Air Oscillate shoes some twenty years ago. This time the design is simplified in line with the clean and elegant Roger Federer brand and looks more premium than “street”.

Price? To be announced, but don’t think these shoes will come cheap. Like other signature shoes I’m sure they will sell out fast and end up on eBay in due time as some kind of investment. If you like the design and are a Roger Federer fan, I suggest you keep checking the NikeLab store online to see if you can pick up a pair of the Oscillate Evolve x RF.

Tennisnerd has previously written about another Roger Federer NikeCourt collection

UPDATE: Just ordered these bad boys myself :)

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