Louis Vuitton signs Alcaraz

by Jonas Eriksson

Louis Vuitton signs Alcaraz as a brand ambassador. This means yet another more fashion-oriented brand is going into the tennis world.

Louis Vuitton signs Alcaraz

Alcaraz is the hottest thing in tennis right now, and it’s not surprising that also brands historically outside tennis has piqued their interest in the Spanish superstar. The French fashion house, Louis Vuttion, today announced that Carlos Alcaraz is their latest ambassador and Carlos said the following:

“Louis Vuitton is really a brand that I have always looked to and when the opportunity to work with the team arose, it instantly felt like a perfect partnership,” says Alcaraz. “I was really invested from the start.”

“I really want to know more about it and be more into fashion,” says Alcaraz. “I think it’s a very interesting world and it excites me.”

“I’d been waiting for Pharrell’s first collection since he was named men’s creative director at Louis Vuitton after the passing of Virgil, who I’ve always really appreciated because of the legacy he has left in the world of fashion,” he notes. “I have seen all the looks and it’s really difficult to choose one favorite—there are so many I like!” he says.

What will Louis Vuitton bring to tennis?

I still haven’t seen any confirmation or hint that Louis Vuitton will move onto the tennis court, but it would seem stupid not to, with such an ambassador as Carlos Alcaraz to sport the apparel. However, Alcaraz is still a Nike ambassador, so this might be something that will take time, but eventually, I think this is where we are heading. Louis Vuitton might not go for tennis shoes, but sports apparel is something they can tackle quite well, I’m sure.

It will be an interesting story to follow in the coming months. I think tennis fashion needs a bit of a revamp, so it’s good to see other brands outside tennis move into the tennis world.

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