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Asics Gel Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes

by Jonas Eriksson

Finally my personal favourite among tennis shoes, the Asics Gel Resolution 6, has received an update with the Asics Gel Resolution 7. I have played with other versions of the Asics Gel Resolution too and they’ve all been good, with some slight differences in the fit of the shoe. What I really enjoy is the great mix of brilliant durability (compared to my other favourite shoe, the Nike Vapor Tour 9.5, the durability is really the outstanding feature) and comfort, without being too heavy.

The new Asics Gel Resolution 7 offers “a new TPU wrap across the entire forefoot to help lock in the foot and provide the highest level of support and stability as well as a lower external heel counter in the back of the shoe to provide a better fit.

I personally find the fit of the Asics Gel Resolution 6 (now on sale) almost perfect, but will be curious to try out this update. What I’ve never liked, although the pros make up for it, is the looks of the shoe. I used Asics shoes when I was running competitively too and they were great, but they always looked like someone threw up at them. The tennis shoes aren’t that bad visually, but not as slick as for example the Nike Vapor Tours, the Babolat Jets, Wilson Rush Pro 2 (these shoes are mentioned in my post “It’s all about speed in tennis“).

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