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Darth Vader Tennis Racket? Wilson Blade 93

by TN

Got the opportunity to play-test the new Wilson Blade 93 (2013) tennis racket and for a mid-size racket it hits like a dream. You get a sense of the scalpel-like feel already when you pick it up and weigh it in your hand and hitting with it is nothing short of spectacular. I felt completely in control of my shots and whatever I put in – the racket delivered. Especially on serve and volley, the Wilson Blade 93 shines.

Also, the paint job is fantastic with a Darth Vader feel to its matte black/grey color scheme. So what’s not to like?

Well, there isn’t a racket out there that fits everyone and with a 93 inch head size you will frame more balls than with a 100 sq inch racket. What you win in control and feel, you obviously lose in sweet spot and forgiveness. So the Wilson Blade 93 is for the advanced player looking for a traditional feeling racket. It probably helps if you hit flatter shots and like to come forwards as the the 93 head size is not very kind to extreme Nadal-like forehand swings.

If you’re an advanced player that doesn’t mind a smaller head-size racket and is looking for something with amazing feel – the Wilson Blade 93 can very well be the racket for you. I’m not sure if I’m making the switch from my customized Head Prestige IG MP yet, but I’m definitely thinking about it!

Great racket from Wilson.

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