New Nike Collection for Australian Open

by Jonas Eriksson

You can always count on Roger Federer to look stylish and that’s the brand that Moet, Lindt, Mercedes-Benz etc has bought into and seems to get pretty decent value for. Nike and Wilson has been Federer’s long-term sponsors on court and we don’t see that changing before his career comes to a close (but let’s not talk about that dreary topic!).

Wilson has recently released the new Pro Staff 97 Roger Federer Autograph which is a both great and stylish racquet and he can also brag about his very own balls – tennis balls that is – the RF Legacy All Court.

A Grand Slam is a great opportunity for the manufacturers to advertise and sell their goods to the right audience, so it’s just about right that Nike releases a new line of tennis clothing and shoes. You can find the Nike line at Tennis Express by clicking this link.

Have a look at some of the new looks for Federer and Serena Williams (total slam count 38!) below. What do you think? Has Nike done it again?

Nike Collection for Australian Open 2017

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