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One Strings Carbon NRG String Review

by TN

I’ve previously reviewed the new Italian racket brands spin model Spindeeper 300 which was a very pleasant surprise and proved that you can be innovative and “new” in the congested tennis gear market. Now I have also thoroughly tested their top-of-the-line tennis string, the One Strings Carbon NRG. It’s a soft black co-poly created mostly for advanced players who seek control. The control makes it possible for you to take big cuts and the ball and in so doing create lots of spin, especially on a spin frame such as the Spindeeper 300 (or 315).

I tried this string in the Spindeeper 300 and a more control frame like the Head Prestige IG MP and I was very happy with it in both rackets, but I felt the string really shone in the Spindeeper 300 with its muted and firm feel. It’s definitely a very comfortable string for both rackets and although it doesn’t give you the “automatic” spin of a textured string, it does allow you to be aggressive with your swings.

Durability is around average I would say, you will notice a drop after 7-8 hours of play, but that’s normal.

To summarize:

If you like low-powered strings that allow you to swing out at the ball, I would definitely urge you to try the One Strings Carbon NRG.


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