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One Strings Spindeeper 300 review

by TN

I have had the opportunity to play-test Italian tennis manufacturer One Strings Spindeeper 300 model with their unique string pattern of 14×19 for a few weeks. They’ve received a lot of buzz for their inspired design using white as the base colour and different (changeable) colors for grommets. After all, it’s Italian engineering and One Strings could potentially be the future Ferrari of tennis rackets.

Something that strikes you just by picking up the racket is the feel. Sometimes you know a racket will be good to you just by holding it in your hand and with One Strings this is really true. Maybe it’s the Japan graphite, maybe it’s something else. But you feel quality.

The 300g model is in itself a bit too light for me which is why I’m dying to get my hands on the 315g model, but with some added a lead tape it still played like a dream. I thought it would be similar to the mega-popular Babolat Aero Pro Drive with it’s weight and stiffness rating (more arm-friendly than the APD though), but it’s kind of in a category of it’s own. I don’t know really what to compare it to, a Head Extreme 2.0 MP or Wilson BLX Juice 100 maybe, but lighter on the arm and more manoeuvrable. I really think One Strings have hit the nail on the head here with a great offering for intermediate players looking for something that can spin their opponents out of their comfort zone.

If there was one area of my game I really enjoyed with the One Strings Spindeeper 300, it was serving with it. The manoeuvrable frame and the explosive string pattern really gave my serves both extra kick and speed. It’s maybe not a serve volley racket, because for that I would prefer something heavier, but for aggressive baseliners and counter-punchers, it’s definitely something you have to try.

One Strings has come up with their own version of Wilson’s Spin Effect Technology (SET) called Active Pattern Deep Push Technology (APDPT) which in essence means larger string holes, permitting freer string movement and increases your comfort while giving you a better feel and definitely more spin.

The One Strings Spindeeper 300 specs:

String pattern: 14/19
Weight: 300g.
Head size: 100sq.
Length: 68,8
Balance: 32
RA: 69
Hi Tech Power Grommet: RED
Frame section: 21/24/23
Grip sizes: 2/3/4/5

A review for the heavier Spindeeper or Turbine version will be posted on the blog later in April.

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