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Angell K7 Lime Racquet Preview

by TN
Angell K7 Lime Racquet Preview

I was probably not alone wondering how the Angell K7 Red would play in a tighter string pattern. I even wrote an e-mail to Paul Angell suggesting the Angell K7 “Blue” in 18×20 pattern. But you can’t get everything you ask for! Here is the Angell K7 Lime.

The Angell K7 Red was one of my favorite racquets this year and I was very close to switch to it. However, I felt the string pattern was a bit too open and generally prefer 18×20. Otherwise the racquet performed beautifully with a nice and distinct flex and good power despite that. I don’t know it for a fact, but I believe the Angell K7 Red is the all-time bestseller for Angell Sports and I am not surprised that they want to build on that success by creating another version of the racquet, the Angell K7 Lime.

Angell K7 Lime Racquet Preview – Specs  Angell K7 Lime Racquet Preview

Headsize – 98?
String Pattern – 18×20
Weight -315g / 11.11oz
Balance – 310mm / 10 pts HL
Stiffness – 64RA
Length – 27” / 685.8mm
Grip type – High Tack PU Black
Full protection grommets
NEW Ergonomic endcap incorporating trap door.

As you can see the specs are very similar to the K7 Red except for the 10 grams extra weight (it is however also more head light) and the tighter string pattern. There is also a new butt cap that incorporates a so called trap door in case you want to add silicone or blu tack in the handle for more weight/comfort. I think this is a great idea, since a lot of advanced players want to customize their racquets this way.

The stiffness rating is a buttery 64 unstrung (61-ish strung) and the construction is still a mix of Aramid and carbon fibre. The construction is likely what makes the Angell K7 racquets so comfortable and is partly what drew me to the line from the start.

I am really curious to test the K7 Lime shortly and hope that it will impress me in a similar way like the K7 Red did earlier in the year.

Check out and buy the Angell K7 Lime here.

What do you think about the Angell K7 Lime? Could it be an interesting racquet for you?

Angell K7 Lime Racquet Preview


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Ted December 21, 2018 - 2:32 pm

I switched from TC95 16×19 to Ultra Tour. My modified UT is pretty awesome for doubles but having used Angell before I’m really looking forward to the reviews on K7 Lime. I think it would play even better than UT, not sure about volleys…

Luke December 23, 2018 - 6:14 am

Oh, why did Paul not make it in blue? But I’m curious, did like the plushness of the Red, but felt the string pattern was like a Belgian waffle and the hoop was a bit flimsy, even with lead.

However, the extra weight and stiffer stringbed will make this quite appealing. But hopefully Paul is saving the Blue for a 16×20.

Kurt January 6, 2019 - 5:03 pm

Based on the many positive reviews on Angell K7 Red, and looking for a more comfortable but slightly more powerful 18×20 than my Prince Textreme Tour 100P (flex 62/63), I purchased this beauty, strung it with a gut/poly hybrid (50/48 lbs). It is about 10grams heavier than TT100P, however, hitting a few shots, it felt much stiffer than TT100P. I also play with Phantom 100 which is even more flexible. I wasn’t expecting this stiffness from K7 Lime, so would be curious to hear your views on this? Maybe it was the string choice and tension, or maybe I just have to get used to it?

Tennisnerd January 6, 2019 - 8:28 pm

Hi Kurt,
The racquet should not be stiff at all, and definitely not stiffer than the Textreme Tour 100P. Give it more time and if it still feels stiff, maybe there was some production problem. Switching between racquets, especially a “cushiony” one such as the Phantom 100 can make it feel stiff in comparison. Also, the 18×20 string pattern stiffens the response compared to the more open pattern.

Kurt January 6, 2019 - 9:04 pm

Thank you for the response, Phantom 100 is very cushiony indeed and lots of fun, will keep it in my bag for sure…will give K7 Lime some quality time and comment on my experience afterwards. Also curious on your detailed take on this new one… thx

Paulo January 23, 2019 - 12:50 am

Reading in the forums, it was found that the first batches of the Angell K7 Red out of specs, being the same with the RA well below the specified. In the most current lots this has been fixed and the RA hits the specification. The K7 Lime is nothing more than a K7 Red with more silicone in the cable and change in drilling. The picture itself is the same as Red.

Kurt January 26, 2019 - 7:56 pm

Have now played for a few times and actually its really comfortable, no strain on arm or elbow. Not only that, but also great control with power. Great winners with the right technique. Strung with gut poly hyrbrid .. will continue to play with this as the main racket and also ordered TC97 16×19!

Tennisnerd January 28, 2019 - 11:36 am

Sounds great! Really looking forward to mine. Cheers / J

Kurt February 10, 2019 - 6:18 pm

Just a general question about switching rackets, as mentioned above I really enjoy the Lime and played really well the first time, but I also like to hit with my Textreme Tour 100p once in a while, and now curious to try the Angell TC 97 16×19 I just strung. All of these rackets have a different feel and I enjoy playing with all of them, but coming back from a long break to tennis, wondering if it is better to stick to one.. for example the Angell TC97 which is somewhere in between TT100P and Phantom Pro 100 I have… As you try many tackets would be interesting to get your opinion on this? I used to be an advanced college player but havent played for many years. Thx for your thoughts.

Tennisnerd February 11, 2019 - 10:39 am

Yes, in general, I believe it is best to stick to one racquet. At least if your goal with tennis is to achieve better results on court and become a better player. If you just play for fun and not competitively, I think it is fine to play around with various racquets and test setups. But if your ultimate goal is to improve I would try to find a setup you like and play well with and stick with that. Switching racquets all the time for reviews has not been good to my own tennis 🙂

Hope this helps / Jonas


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