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Earth Day Racquets

by Jonas Eriksson

There is a new trend of releasing earth day racquets. Wilson did it last year with their Naked racquets and now HEAD does it with Flax plant fibers.

HEAD is not alone in doing earth day racquets this year (the HEAD racquets is more like a revealed project, you can’t actually buy the racquets yet – they actually told me about it during my visit to their headquarters and I will be testing the racquets later).

Wilson earth day racquets

Wilson focuses on paint improvements for their earth day racquets. I will quote Wilson:

The driving force behind this reduction is Sherwin-Williams’ special waterborne paint formula that coats each classic Wilson frame. This paint starts its good work by lessening the volatile organic compounds used during production. Waterborne paints are also lower in odor, making them safer and more comfortable to work with, and are less flammable.

The Earth Day racket series also marks Wilson LABS’ continued collaboration with Arkema, a global leader in the creation of sustainable materials. Each racket utilizes their recycled, bio-based material on its bumpers, grommets and endcap. This material is gentler on the earth while maintaining top performance.  It performs so well it is now on all Wilson in-line performance rackets.

The Wilson Earth day racquets will be available in three different models: Clash 100 V2, Pro Staff 97 V13, Blade 98 V8.

HEAD Rethink racquets

This is what HEAD has shared about their “rethink” racquets so far. The way described it to me in Kennelbach sounded like this was a very long-term project and something they want to commit to, not a marketing ploy. We will see when we get there if they can keep the playability and cost profile and make a racquet more environmental friendly.

More to come on the topic!

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Gonzalo June 21, 2022 - 04:07

The Wilson Pro Staff in this version has a bigger head? and another balance! Did you have the opportunity to try it?



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