HEAD MxG new racquet release

by Jonas Eriksson

I previously wrote about HEAD releasing the new HEAD MXG line of racquets. I was asked by the racquet company to wait a bit for more information and finally it’s here and I can reveal more about this exciting line of tennis racquets.

You can order HEAD MxG racquets at Tennis Express or Pro Direct Tennis or check out HEAD MxG 3 or HEAD MxG 5 at Amazon.

What is new with the HEAD MxG? Well, the Austrian racquet company has worked more than three years to create the specially designed bridge in Magnesium that, according to HEAD’s representatives will increase power but still maintain control. The Head MxG racquets will also include Graphene Touch as their other current racquet lines.

Below you will find more info about HEAD’s latest line of racquets. I will play-test one as soon as I get my hands on it and get back to you. HEAD will also release (in June) a new special tennis string for this line of racquets called Primal.

This video explain more about the Head MxG technology:

This video is a promotional video for Head MxG racquets:

HEAD MxG racquets will be released in early May. They will be available in a Head MXG 3 and a Head MxG 5 model. Below are the specs of the two racquets:


HEAD’s new MxG 3 features Magnesium in the bridge and Graphene Touch in the rest of the racquet to increase power yet retain control

WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 295 g / 10,4 oz
HEAD SIZE: 645 cm² / 100 in²
BALANCE: 325 mm / 0.66 in HL
LENGTH: 685 mm / 27,0 in
BEAM: 24/26/22



HEAD MxG 5 is the lighter model in the new racquet line from HEAD.

WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 275 g / 9,7 oz
HEAD SIZE: 680 cm² / 105 in²
BALANCE: 335 mm / 0.4 in HL
LENGTH: 690 mm / 27,2 in
BEAM: 24/26/22

HEAD tennis sales text for the MxG racquets:

Designed like no other for those who play like no other: With MxG, the MxG 3 features the first racquet technology that combines precision-injected Magnesium and Graphene to provide the ultimate balance of power and control like no other racquet ever before.

You can order HEAD MxG racquets at Tennis Express or Pro Direct Tennis or check out HEAD MxG 3 or HEAD MxG 5 at Amazon.

Some more pics of the special bridge of the HEAD MxG racquets:

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Luis G September 21, 2017 - 07:30

wasnt there going to be a third MXG, MXG-1 which had a bit more of a aggressive mold/smaller head?

Tennisnerd September 21, 2017 - 08:22

Yes, I think so. Will talk to HEAD and see what is going on and update the site when I know more. Cheers / J


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