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How To Exercise Like Novak Djokovic 

by GP

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admire his persistence and performance. This post is about How to Exercise like Novak Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic, the number one tennis player in the world according to ATP Rankings, is a beast on the court. However,
his success is not a fluke. He managed to claim the ultimate title by training hard and sticking to a strict meal plan. If you wish to exercise like Djokovic and maybe even follow in his footsteps, here are several tips you might find useful.

Pay attention to what you eat

Of course, your workout routine matters, but unless you don’t make some dietary changes you won’t have enough strength to train like a pro. It is a known fact that Djokovic has eliminated gluten from his diet and minimised dairy intake. Since he made this change, his performance has skyrocketed and he has never looked back. Therefore, talk to a nutritionist and find what works for you. Maybe there are some types of food that don’t sit well with you. Do not worry, even if you have to avoid certain products, various supplements such as these top Biotin supplements can make sure your body has everything it needs to function properly. 

Do not skip aerobic exercises

One of the secrets to his success is definitely aerobic exercises. That is right weight-lovers, if you wish to be in that kind of shape, you need to include plenty of aerobic workouts into your routine throughout the week. Djokovic uses a stationary bike as his go-to tool since this simple machine is a great way to boost your cardiovascular strength. If you don’t have one at home and you don’t want to go to the gym, running, swimming, walking, hiking, cross country skiing, and kickboxing are also some great aerobic exercises.

Stretch as your life depends on it

After you have warmed up with some aerobic exercises, it is time to stretch. If you have watched any of his matches (and who hasn’t) you might have noticed that Novak spends a significant amount of time doing a complete stretching routine, from head to toe. Even if he is competing in a low priority match or participating in a charity event, he won’t avoid mobilizing his entire body. If you want to achieve high flexibility, opt for dynamic stretches, instead of static ones. While during static stretching you stand still and hold a stretch for half a minute, dynamic stretches include a lot more movement. Some of the exercises Djokovic recommends in his book are jumping jacks, walking high knees, walking high kicks, squat thrusts, various types of lunges, inverted hamstring and inchworm. 

Become a yogi

Yoga is not just for people who want to achieve inner peace and relax their body and their mind. In fact, this discipline is an important part of Djokovic’s training routine. Poses such as rabbit, cat, downward dog and cobra can help you relax right after the workout, but doing them before bed can also benefit you. They will stretch most of your body and help you unwind, just remember to focus on your breathing as well.

Pamper your muscles

Having a masseuse who will assist you in muscle recovery can come in handy, but not everyone is able to afford this pleasure. However, since loosening up the tightness, eliminating muscle spasms, and preventing future injuries is still important, you can do all of this with a simple foam roller. Of course, instead of lying on the table, you will have to do everything by yourself, but this part of your workout will benefit you in multiple ways. To recover your muscles after a workout makes sure you do a hamstring roll, glutes roll, IT band roll, calf roll, quadriceps, and hip flexors roll, as well as upper and lower-back roll. 

Keep in mind that professional athletes train every day for about four hours, so don’t expect to turn into one overnight. Be persistent, work hard and stay dedicated to your goal, and you will surely see the results. 

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