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Podcast with Fabrice Sbarro

by Jonas Eriksson

Fabrice Sbarro is one of the world’s leading performance analysts. He works with some of the best players on the ATP and WTA tours.

Podcast with Fabrice Sbarro

Fabrice Sbarro is a true tennis nerd. He was one of the first coaches to employ data and statistics in his work, and today he is one of the leaders in this growing field. He helps professional tennis players develop strategies and tactics as a performance analyst. Often it is developing a game plan before a match based on the opponent’s data, but it can also be about developing a player based on their stats and analytics.

Besides working with top players, Fabrice runs the website Tennis Profiler, which provides game analysis of all the top 100 ATP/WTA but also ATP legends players. He is also a part of the EDGE player agency and the author of ” Tennis quel joueur êtes-vous ? “, a book about game style optimization (only in French).

One of my favorite parts of our conversation is hearing about the hours of hard work he put into reaching the level he has in his field of passion. “Passion is not enough. You need to be obsessed.”

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Fabrice is a very engaging and passionate talker, and I had great fun discussing tennis with him on the podcast. His openness is refreshing, and his points of view are interesting. I hope you will enjoy listening to our conversation.

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