Prince Textreme Tour 95

by Jonas Eriksson

My new weapon of choice is the Prince Textreme Tour 95. I can’t believe I’ve changed racquets yet again, but something about this stick talked to me with its really nice “classic” specs, yet friendly swing-weight and open string pattern. It’s rare you find a modern racquet with a stiffness rating (strung) of 60 RA so this was just too much of a good fit for my game to pass up on. Not that I don’t miss the Wilson Blades in some respect, they had more power and forgiveness, but I just can’t move away from the 95 inch headsize.

Now I’ve strung up the Prince Textreme Tours 95 with Diadem Solstice Pro and Solinco Hyper-G for a playtest. It might well be that the Tour 95s work better with a hybrid setup with natural gut, but time will tell.

For now, kudos to Prince for creating a racquet that in the beautiful middle ground of a classic and a modern stick. Soon we might see a time where 95 inch racquets are a thing of the past so let’s cherish them while they last.

Only hit for an hour with the Diadem so far, but really happy with the string on the first go. Soft, yet sprin-friendly.

Will keep you posted on how it plays after a few more hours.

You can buy the Prince Textreme Tour 95 at Tennis Express (affiliate link) and donate a few cents to this humble tennis blog.

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