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Marcos Giron testing the Yonex Percept

by TN

I have been alerted to several videos on Instagram of the ATP player Marcos Giron testing the Yonex Percept. Will he make the switch?

Marcos Giron testing the Yonex Percept

Marcos Giron has played the Yonex VCORE 95 for a number of years and is currently ranked 64 in the world. Recently he made a switch to Yonex Poly Tour Pro strings, which man pros use, but this might be a bigger change for the American player. The Yonex Percept is the new line of Yonex control racquets, replacing the VCORE Pro. We have a first impressions video of the Yonex Percept racquets on our YouTube channel, but this coming week we start more intense testing of the new racquets. There seems to have been an issue getting the 97D and 100D models, but they should be available in October.

You can check out the different Yonex Percept racquets at Tennis Warehouse.

So is Giron testing the Percept, and which model? Sometimes companies want to move a player over to an ambassador of another line, so it could be his old VCORE 95 painted as the Yonex Percept, but Yonex seem less keen on these types of things than other brands.

I will reach out to Karue and see if I can get some insider information on this potential switch. I am curious to see how a change from, for example, a VCORE 95 to a Percept 97 (customized) can have on his game.

Have you tried the new Yonex Percept racquets and what do you think about them?

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Dennis September 23, 2023 - 15:31

It Looks nice and it feels nice, ( light head ) some flex in the neck . Hummmm I don’t know, I haven’t hit with it yet. After hearing and reading the reviews it Might Not be a $270.00 Racquet ¡¡ All the Hype about it! They change the Color, Add a few more strings and Tell/Convinced that ” OOH It’s MUCH MORE BETTER ” !! ¡¡ ?? WELL, It’s All in ONE’S ” Perception ” You and two other people and their distinguish White Man suggest that a Baseball Bat is a Tennis Racquet enough times I (Might) start to actually believe that it is ! Ha Ha ? LOl ” ?? TENNIS ! ” NOT THE RACQUET ?? THIS HAS BEEN ” DENNIS TENNIS ” From DC?? ?? ?


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