Questions about racquets and strings

by Jonas Eriksson
Tennisnerd vlog - Questions about tennis racquets and strings

You asked a lot of questions about racquets and strings (and other stuff), I tried to answer most of them in this 30-minute video of me looking stupid, staring at the camera. I hope you find some of this useful. If so, please like and share the video. Thanks!

The last couple of years I have answered hundreds of questions about tennis racquets and strings and I have connected with many tennis nerds worldwide. I have never really done a proper Q&A video before, but if you like the format I will keep doing them.

Do you have any more questions about racquets and strings? Don’t hesitate to write them below! I can’t promise I manage to deal with all of them, but I do my best.

Questions asked in this Q&A video:
1. My first ever racquet
2. Did you try to become a pro?
3. Do any ATP pros use the Wilson Clash?
4. Any racquet nerds among the pros?
5. How did you end up in Malta?
6. How did your business came to be?
7. Shoulder/wrist pain due to heavy racquet?
8. Have you tried Tecnifibre Ice Code?
9. Is Federer’s racquet made with different materials?
10. What made you change your serve into a platform stance?
11. What racquet created the most chaos for your opponents?
12. How do you deal with tennis elbow?
13. Where to place lead tape for stability and power?
14. What is the cost of living in Malta?
15. I am planning a switch to the Pure Drive. Should I?
16. Name your three desert island racquets
17. I like the Pure Aero but want more control. What should I use?
18. Are modern racquets and technologies worth the money?
19. Is Big Banger tech separating Luxilon from the rest?
20. Is this your only job?
21. Is the Wilson Clash a fad?
22. Have you hit with the Volkl C10 Pro?
23. Strings, tension?
24. Is MGR/I important to you?
25. HEAD Sprint SF shoe update.

Phew. Thanks for watching guys and gals.

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Lucas July 10, 2019 - 04:18

Fernando Ramboli is Brazilian player, top 250 in singles and top 106 in Doubles.

Tennisnerd July 10, 2019 - 15:49

Hi, thanks for the correction!

Lucas July 10, 2019 - 04:24

Also, look at jaimie murray serve motion, he takes a big step before hittig the ball.

Stephanie Dixon July 15, 2019 - 00:09

What do you think of the new Wilson Clash series as far as golfers elbow is concerned? I’m currently using a Prokennex Tour after I came back from golfers elbow injury. . The racket is very low power, I’m hoping Clash is a little more power. I use multi strings x biphase or Wilson NXT at 50#. Any thoughts?

Tennisnerd July 15, 2019 - 07:31

I think it is a good choice! Comfortable and with more power than the ProKennex. Go for it. I think those strings should too, another one you could try is the Luxilon Smart, it is a poly but very comfortable and powerful.

Frank July 23, 2019 - 00:44

I used to to play tennis with my Wilson Pro Staff Classic 6.1 95 racquets, but I haven’t played for some years now.
Now I am going to play tennis again, and I have bought a couple of NOS Pro Staff 5.5’s (‘Aire Shell’), also the 95 sq. in. version.
I would like to tweak my 5.5’s to play as much as possible as my 6.1 Pro Staff Classic racquets.

Does it make sense to tweak the weight and balance equal to the PS Classic 6.1, or would that be a dumb move?
I’d have to add some weight to the head (unstrung weight 320 g (6.1 333 grams) and the spec balance is 29 cm).

I am also thinking of having the 5.5’s strung at 26 or 27 kg to harness the bigger power (‘Dual Taper Beam’), so 1 to 2 kg tighter than the 6.1.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.
Thank you so much.


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