Racquet and String Consultations

by Jonas Eriksson

Over the years, I have given hundreds of racquet and string consultations. It’s time-consuming, but I understand the need for it.

Racquet and String Consultations

The racquet and string consultation service has been appreciated by many, but it’s been difficult for one person to keep it up. At the same time, I know fellow tennis nerds’ frustration when they are lost in the racquet or string jungle. Especially when it results in arm, wrist, or shoulder pain. Most tennis players have struggled with tennis elbow at some point in their playing career.

I will keep doing the consultations for a while more via email. Many ask me for video calls, but along with meetings, video editing, tennis playing, and all the other things that go into Tennisnerd, it’s impossible to schedule and manage calls. Doing it via email gives me time to think through my answers when I have time, and I also think it’s more helpful for the players to have everything written down.

The email format also opens up for a few back-and-forth messages if there are questions.

How to purchase a racquet consultation

You can purchase a consultation here (there is also an e-book and racquet course available). I need the following info from you, which you can fill out in this consultation form.

Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro or NTRP/UTR rating)
Playstyle (Aggressive baseliner, serve-volley, defender, pusher)
Shot style (Spinny or flat)
Backhand (Single or double)
Serve (Weapon, Decent or Issue)
Strengths and weaknesses
Current racquet, string and tension
What do you want to achieve
(More power, control, spin, feel or comfort)
Injuries, if any
A link to footage, if any

If you have a link to some footage of you playing, that is always very helpful. I recommend everyone to film their practice sessions or matches to improve. You only need a smartphone and a tripod (or fence mount) and you are a good to go.

This will help you understand issues in your game and also be able to notice improvements that are happening.

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