Racquet Collections

by Jonas Eriksson

The other day I got some messages on my Facebook page from racquet collector West Loh around Nick Kyrgios‘ and Jordan Thompson’s racquet specs.

The conversation led to him sending some great pics of his impressive racquet collection, which I felt I had to post here. Tennis racquets are a beautiful thing and I know there are a lot of collectors out there with impressive racquet collections. Please send your pics over here and I’ll post them on Tennisnerd for all racquet and tennis lovers out there to see. Would also be interesting to hear about your most treasured racquets, both in terms of playability and value (could be sentimental of course).

I’ve been moving around too much to amass a collection and since I’m very often play-testing new gear, I haven’t bothered to build a collection myself. If I had 500 frames at home I wouldn’t know which one to bring to the court! But it would be nice for some living room air swinging…

I do however own the bible for racquet collectors – it’s called The Book of Tennis Rackets and is written by racquet maker and collector Siegfried Kuebler. It has a two supplements as well. The Book of Tennis Rackets cover tennis racquet history in meticulous depth from the 16th century until 1990. It would be interesting to also have coverage of the amazing transformation of tennis racquets that have occurred after 1990, but maybe that’s for someone else to write.

Since I’m not collecting racquets myself and with my “travelling lifestyle” would probably never do on any scale (but who knows, right?), I’d be willing to sell this book to someone who is a keen collector and interested in it. Just let me know in the comments. My copy of The Book of Tennis Rackets is signed by its author, Siegfried Kuebler.

Before we move into the pics from West Loh’s impressive collection, I’d urge you to pitch on on your racquet history. How many racquets do you have? What is your most treasured item and why?

West Loh’s Racquet Collection

Don’t hesitate to get back to me about your racquet collections!

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Luis G August 21, 2017 - 00:51

What’s the Blacked out head racquet with the blue stripe in the third picture?
Never seen one like that before.

Also, about the book, sent ya an email. somewhat interested

Thanks, love the site

Tennisnerd August 21, 2017 - 09:49

Hi Luis,
The racquet with the blue stripe in 3rd picture is a HEAD Graphene Instinct MP.

Will reply to your e-mail. Thanks for your nice feedback! Cheers / J

Luis G September 21, 2017 - 04:54

Thanks interesting, its actually like cobalt navy blue but looked as dark as the Blacked 25th anniversary Prestige MP (which they also made the same PJ on the mid)

So I have like 40 or 50 racquets no joke, I guess im addicted now, its been a fast 5 years acquiring many of them as I finally got financially independent. But now falling in a big of a slump, and too many racquets to keep. Many were bought for the interest on how they played, etc. So Im inclined to sell a fairly good amount now.

Got mostly Prestiges, most importantly the mids, but also welcome the MPs. Some Blade 93s, Pro Staffs 90s, Prince Response and Tour with the O-ports then Some graphite/fiberglass composites Team Pro, Graphite Pros (EU & turquoise US)
Interested in some 315 LTDs but im afraid they may be too light for me

Tennisnerd September 21, 2017 - 08:51

Hi Luis,
Nice to hear! If you want I’d put some pics of your collection on the website.

It’s easy to become addicted to tennis racquets! I think you’d like the 315 LTDs with some lead tape on them.

Cheers / Jonas

Mel Locklear February 1, 2021 - 15:03

Is your Kuebler book (and supplements) still for sale ? I’ll buy it if somewhat reasonable price.

I have over 1500 wooden rackets, focused on American player endorsed.

Tennisnerd February 4, 2021 - 14:43

Sadly, I sold that one a while back…

Dr David Flakoll August 11, 2021 - 09:10

During the past 25 years I have developed a Tennis Racquet Hall of Fame which contains the ten most significant racquets from each tennis decade from 1870 to 2020. In addition my collection is housed in seven/rooms areas.. Some of these include a Wimbledon Room, US Open Room, Australian Open Room, and French Open Room, Grand Slam Stairway, etc. Each of these rooms feature racquets especially associated with each Grand Slam Room and country. Currently there are 7630 racquets in the my collection spanning tennis history from 1876 to 2020. In addition there is a collection of 860 American tennis racquet brands. Probably the most favorite of many sub collections is the sixteen Hazel Streamline Racquets in the Wimbledon Room. The second most favorite collection is a hundred of the most creative and unusual tennis racquets ever developed in the last 140 years of tennis history. Extensive photos of the Tennis Racquet Hall of Fame I have developed are located on the Tennis Collectors of America Facebook page. Please view how these racquets are displayed for a visual understanding of my collecting efforts. Enjoy!


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