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HEAD MxG 3 & 5 Racquet Review

by Jonas Eriksson

Here is the racquet that Rafael Nadal tested for five weeks in the off-season – the HEAD MxG 3 (along with the HEAD MxG 5). I’ve been testing the racquets and here is my review.

First of all, they do look GREAT. Looks are not that important however, it’s all about playability. Let’s start with the HEAD MxG 3…


HEAD’s new MxG 3 features Magnesium in the bridge and Graphene Touch in the rest of the racquet to increase power yet retain control

WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 295 g / 10,4 oz
HEAD SIZE: 645 cm² / 100 in²
BALANCE: 325 mm / 0.66 in HL
LENGTH: 685 mm / 27,0 in
BEAM: 24/26/22


The HEAD MxG 3 is a powerful racquet as you can understand from the 74 RA stiffness rating. I can really only sum it up in two words: power and spin! So if this is what you’re looking for in your game, I would seriously consider this racquet.

However, at the cost of power comes control and both MxG racquets are so powerful that they’re not for everyone. For you with shorter swings who would appreciate some help on your groundstrokes, I think the MxG line is an excellent choice, because despite the high stiffness rating, I didn’t sense any comfort issues. My test racquets were strung with HEAD Gravity hybrid string set – a really nice playing string I must say with great comfort (but more powerful than traditional poly’s).

If you have long, technically sounds swings I would want to play-test the MxG 3 before committing to a purchase. The reason being that it is so powerful and requires you as a more advanced player to play with more “loop” in your swing. I also felt that the frame could benefit from some lead tape at 3 and 9 to boost the stability. I would also counter-balance this with more weight in the handle because the racquet feels really nice in your hand from the get-go so you’d want to maintain that balance. I also imagine some players would prefer an even more head light balance than the MxG 3, but I’m personally moving more towards 4-5 points HL.

Unless you like really light racquets, 295 grams unstrung leaves some room for the above customization.

What about the sweet spot? Well, it’s quite decent, but not huge. Especially since there are some instability issues when you hit outside the center of the racquet.

The final verdict on the HEAD MxG 3? If you want a powerful, fast and easy-to-use racquet, the HEAD MxG 3 is for you. If you’re looking for a player’s racquet that will allow you to feel every shot – there are other racquets out there.

You can order HEAD MxG racquets at Tennis Express or Pro Direct Tennis or check out HEAD MxG 3 or HEAD MxG 5 at Amazon.

A closer look at the HEAD MxG 3


HEAD MxG 5 is the lighter model in the new racquet line from HEAD.

WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 275 g / 9,7 oz
HEAD SIZE: 680 cm² / 105 in²
BALANCE: 335 mm / 0.4 in HL
LENGTH: 690 mm / 27,2 in
BEAM: 24/26/22


The HEAD MxG 5 with its oversize frame and slightly extended length is not exactly my usual cup of racquet. However, from a veterans doubles player’s point of view I can see its allure. Despite its head size it’s manoeuvrable with its 275 grams unstrung, it has decent stability for that weight class and it has a massive sweet spot. Perfect for smacking a volley in your partners groin area.

Its main features are the same as the MxG – power and spin a’plenty – but the sweet spot is obviously larger and with the extended length it offers good power despite the low weight.

Again, the MxG line is not for the ATP Tour, but for recreational players looking for that extra power and spin to their game. You get a good-sized sweet-spot in a light and easy-to-use package and if you like some more weight and stability, try adding some lead tape.

The HEAD MxG line of racquets are not for me personally as a player, but should find a happy following among juniors, veterans and intermediates. For the racquet category it’s in – it gets a thumbs up.

A closer look at the HEAD MxG 5:

You can order HEAD MxG racquets at Tennis Express or Pro Direct Tennis or check out HEAD MxG 3 or HEAD MxG 5 at Amazon.

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Dan June 11, 2018 - 12:47

looking forward to play testing :)

(from a pure drive 2012 user)

Benny August 18, 2019 - 09:14

Från en tennisnörd till en annan. 58 årig sådan är jag. Lirar ca 200 timmar om året. Gjort i 35 år ca.
Söker den optimala tennisracketen?
Från bakplan trivs jag kanon med typ Yonex dr 100, Prince speedport Black mfl. Kan vila i slagen. Sen vid matchspel tappar jag när folk börjar grisa och spela löst och skuret. Pure drive tycker jag funkat bäst. Gör för ont tyvärr. Vill ha ett rack som är skönt från bakplan. Lätt att hålla längd och ändå bra kontroll när folk grisar
Några förslag? Mvh Benny Ekelund

Tennisnerd August 19, 2019 - 14:53

Hej Benny,
Tack för din kommentar. Vi söker alla den optimala tennisracketen, men tyvärr finns det plus och minus med allt :)

Förstår precis vad du menar, du vill ha en bekvämare Pure Drive med fart och spinn som gör att du kan avgöra poäng mot spelare som spelar defensivt och väntar på misstag.

Det finns ett par racketar som ger bra med fart men är lite mjukare än PD:

HEAD Graphene Extreme MP – rätt styv, men mjukare än PD och bra fart.
Wilson Clash – bra spinn och fart men mjuk för armen. Lite unik känsla som man antingen diggar eller inte.
Donnay Hexacore Formula 100 – en riktigt mjuk PD, inte riktigt lika kraftfull men bra känsla och gott om fart i den med.

Du kan också prova den senaste Pure Aero som är mjukare än föregångarna men ändå ger bra spinn och fart. Lycka till!

Mvh / J

PS. If you feel like my advice is really useful, please consider becoming a patron for $2 at patreon.com/tennisnerd and get exclusive content every week. DS.


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