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ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro 315 Racquet Review

by TN

ProKennex create arm-friendly racquets. Due to my recent elbow and wrist injury, I was keen to do this ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro 315 racquet review.

This ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro 315 racquet review couldn’t have come at a better time. After having taken some time off to nurse a wrist and elbow injury, I am more invested than ever in finding a racquet that delivers on performance but also arm-comfort. This racquet does both. But let’s look at the specs first.

ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro 315 Racquet Review

Head size: 98 sq inches
Beamwidth: 19.5 mm
String pattern: 98 sq inches
Strung weight: 336.6 grams
Balance: 31.3 cm (8 pts HL)
Swingweight: 321
Strings: RS New York (25 kg / 55 lbs) + RS Lyon (24 kg / 53 lbs)

I don’t have a machine to measure the stiffness, but with the Kinetic system that is not really important for this review. You can be sure that this racquet is as arm-friendly as they come. It is generally not good to look too much at RA figures, there are a lot of other factors (layup, materials, weight, strings) that influence a racquet’s vibrations.

I think the specs of this racquet will suit a lot of players. It reminds me of the Angell K7 Red, which is a good thing.

How does it play?

The ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro 315 plays with a lot more power than I expected from a racquet that is focused on arm comfort. It was easy to generate power and spin and the feel was muted and without a hint of vibrations. Some players might not like the slight lack of feedback, but that is the price to pay for this outstanding comfort level.

I think this racquet will suit a wide group of players. The swing weight is pretty much spot on at 320-ish and will give you room for some lead tape in the hoop. The stability is still good, but I personally tend to feel most at home in the upper 320s or around 330 SW.

This racquet has very few weaknesses. I loved hitting my backhand slice and attacking the net. It gave me enough power to hit a big serve and it the spin and power potential was enough to get me out of trouble when I was on defense.

Just a really well-balanced frame.


The ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro 315 is a sweet frame that many players will enjoy. But let’s look at some pros and cons.

+ Best-in-class arm comfort
+ Really nice spin-potential
+ Good power level for a control-oriented frame
+ Maneueverable yet stable at the same time

(-) A bit too muted at times
(-) The grip shape might be awkward to some players (rectangular HEAD style)
(-) Personal thing, but not sure about the “racing style” paint job

All-in-all this was a very positive play-test. If you have arm problems in some form, this is a must demo, but even if you’re a hundred percent healthy, this racquet delivers a lot of good.

Video review coming next week!

Have you tried this racquet? Please comment below!

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Ed November 24, 2019 - 16:48

Hi Jonas
Have you tried this one in comparison to the Donnay thats supposed to be better for arm injuries?

Carlos November 30, 2019 - 15:30

Excellent frame, agree with you in every department except about the paint job, for me is conservative and like it.
Did you test the PK Ki+Q Tour Pro 325 18×20 (2019), different an very good too.

Stephanie Dixon December 4, 2019 - 15:21

I’m playing with PK Ki+Q Tour, not pro. Since Feb19 I played with this coming back from tennis elbow. Good news no pain whatsoever. Now I’m moving to Wilson 100 clash as I felt like I was lacking power. It’s supposedly arm friendly too. I’m hoping it’ll be great too. Have you reviewed this?
What are the differences between the PK you reviews and mine? I think it’s mostly the weight.


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