The Wilson Ultra Racquets – the Reviews Are In

by Jonas Eriksson

The most buzzed about racquets right now are the Wilson Ultra series of racquets out on August 15 (available for pre-order right now) and some reviews are already in.

If you want to read more about the different Wilson Ultra racquets check out this post. The most exciting Wilson Ultra racquet for racquet nerds should be the Wilson Ultra Tour – a flexible, tour-inspired frame that needs some lead tape and leather grip to really shine. The racquet has now been reviewed by both Tennis Express and Tennis Warehouse and both gave the racquet positive reviews although none of the play-testers talked about switching to it, which is sometimes the case with these reviews (the new Babolat Pure Strike had two Tennis Warehouse reviewers switching to the racquet for example).

The Wilson Ultra Tour might not be a racquet for everyone, but it sure has potential for players who can supply their own power and are not afraid of fiddling with some racquet customization to get it to play the way they like it. If you’re not familiar with racquet customization, it’s quite easy to get the hang of and start doing. I’d suggest buying a balance beam (I have a Gamma Racquet Balance Beam that I use a lot), a pack of lead tape and possibly some different grips.

I’m really curious to play-test the Wilson Ultra Tour myself and I’m expecting something that plays pretty close to an older Prestige or Radical. Which means pretty much no free power, but lots of feel and control. If that’s not your cup of tea there are plenty of other racquets out there like the Babolat Pure Strike, The Wilson Countervail racquets like the Wilson Ultra 100 CV (this racquet has also been reviewed by Tennis Express and TW) or pretty much any newer racquet on the market.

I’d urge you to watch the reviews yourself, but in short: the play-testers were in agreement around the low-powered response, although Tennis Express reviewers seemed to struggle with the tight 18×20 string pattern while Tennis Warehouse reviewers seemed happy with the kind of spin they got on the ball. If you would compare the two different reviews, I’d say the Tennis Express review was kind of lukewarm while the Tennis Warehouse was far more positive. This is obviously a personal taste kind of thing, like with any tennis racquet, but the Tennis Warehouse crew strikes me as a more comfortable and experienced play-testers.


What do you think the different reviews and what does this make you think about the new line of Ultra racquets and especially the Wilson Ultra Tour?

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