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Volkl C10 Pro Racquet Review

by TN

Here is another classic racquet. A flexible, heavy, spin-friendly stick for advanced players. Here is the Volkl C10 Pro Racquet Review.

The Volkl C10 Pro is a true classic racquet. It has been around for many years but has kept its flexible feel, substantial weight, and thin beam. It is simply a great frame for players looking for a solid mix of control, feel and also spin thanks to its open string pattern.

The C10 Pro has it all and I have owned several versions of this racquet. They all play pretty much the same (which is a good thing), but the cosmetic has changed slightly over the years. The version I tested for this review was the 2012 edition. They are all somewhat black and yellow, so if that is not your cup of visual tea, it might be a dealbreaker.

Volkl C10 Pro Racquet Strung Specs

Head size: 98 sq inches
Length: 27 inches (standard)
String pattern: 16×19
Beamwidth: 20 mm
Weight: 343.3 grams (12.1 ounces)
Balance: 31.5 cm (8 pts HL)
Swingweight: 329.5
Strings: HEAD Lynx Yellow 1.20 gauge at 23 kg.
Stiffness: 63-64 RA
Technologies: Twin Absorber Handle System and Soft Butt Cap (deals with vibrations well without screwing up the feedback from the racquet).

How does it play?

The Volkl C10 Pro fits my game like a glove. It rewards attacking players with stability, feel, spin and a surprising amount of power for a “player racquet”. If you can handle the heft of this racquet, I am pretty sure you will enjoy it. I think this is a great choice for players who like the RF97 Autograph, but think it is a bit too heavy or a bit too crisp. This one is lighter to swing and offers better comfort. It is not quite as controlled as the RF97A, but it does pretty much everything else as well as that racquet.

The thing about the C10 Pro that might not be everyone’s cup of tea is the flexible feel. This racquet is not a “wet noodle” but definitely offers a significant flex as the ball hits the string bed. Some players love this, some players don’t. On touch shots and volleys, I find this to work really well for my taste. Let’s look at some pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of the Volkl C10 Pro

There is plenty to like about this racquet and that is why it has been around for as long as it has. Here are my thoughts:

+ Comfort
+ Spin
+ Power for a control racquet
– If you love pin-point control, you might want to string this at a higher tension (25 kg /55 lbs).
– The Volkl grip shape is very rectangular and never quite felt home to me.

A note on strings: I have played this racquet with several different setups over the years and I don’t think it is particularly string-sensitive. However, the power level might be a bit surprising to players looking for control, so you might have to bump up the tension a bit from what you are used to.

So if you don’t mind a heavier racquet (325 grams unstrung) with some flex, you should definitely give the Volkl C10 Pro a test drive. I really enjoyed it and it is deserving of its “classic” status.

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Volkl C10 Pro Video Review

Have you tried the Volkl C10 Pro? What do you think about it? Please comment below.

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Scriabin December 2, 2019 - 11:45

C10 Pro is my present racquet. I completely agree with your review. I have been playing all my life with heavy flexible control oriented racquets and this is the best I’ve ever had (and tested all the market known reference ones). I played with Radical Zebra, Prestige and Prince Exo3 Tour 100 (I LOVE the buttery 52RA flex rating of this racquet, but it lacks control when string tension goes down). When I tried C10 I found in it all the strong points of the others in one racquet. It has the precision of Prestige, the spin of exo3 (16×18), more power, more stability (it is the heaviest at 330gr unstrung) and more manoeuvrability (it is the most head light of them at +8 HL) than any of them. In addition, it is the most arm friendly of them (never had any issue even when playing more than 10 hours per week) Perfect combination of properties. From my point of view it is THE racquet.

David November 26, 2020 - 05:56

I have to agree that this is a terrific racket. I took a long break from tennis, having played in the 90’s and 2000’s with the Prince Original Graphite Mid, Wilson Pro Staff 6.1, Dunlop 200G Muscle Weave, and a beefed up Dunlop 300G Hot Melt. When I started playing again recently I transitioned to the Babolat Pure Control Tour, but while the plow through and power were good I couldn’t really get used to the flat feel which left my backhand slices wanting. Then based on rave classic-feeling-racket reviews I tried out the Volkl C10 Pro, and I find it to be nearly perfect. Yes, a tad heavy so getting your racket back early is critical. But it is a unicorn of a racket being flexible enough to have buttery feel and control, while somehow simultaneously being a beast of a racket with power to spare and effortless plow through if you take a full swing. It is a great great stick!


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