Switching racquet mania

by Jonas Eriksson

I’ve been play-testing many racquets lately and had lots of fun with it. However, it gets to a point where your game starts to suffer from all the different setups you’re playing with. And if you’re main point is improving your tennis (it is for me), it’s not a good strategy. The racquet is your tool, but it’s supposed to feel like an extension of your arm, and if you have a foreign object there half of the time, you’re never going to get to the point where you stop worrying about your racquet and focus on your technique.

Just look at Grigor Dimitrov (the picture in previous post tells it all), he’s in a process of changing racquets for some reason (I assume he’s looking for more power than in his previous 93-inch racquet), but it takes quite some time to get used to a new racquet and that shows in his rather mediocre results lately. If I was his coach I would urge him to go back to what he played with before and focus on his main weakness – his mental consistency.

So stop chasing that holy grail and don’t blame your racquets, strings, etc for your results. Find a string/racquet combo you like and put your money into lessons with a good coach and some more time on court instead.

You can thank me later :)

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