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What is a Platform Racquet?

by Jonas Eriksson
Wilson Ultra Pro Racquet

I got a question about “platform” racquets. Some players can achieve a pro stock experience from it. So, what is a platform racquet?

What exactly is a Platform Racquet?

A platform racquet is a racquet that leaves room for customization. This obviously depends on the player, but platform racquets are generally lighter than your desired spec so you can customise them to the weight and balance you like.

A great example is the Wilson Ultra Pro racquet, which was a part of the Wilson Pro Labs project, but can now also be bought from Tennis Warehouse. It’s low-powered and the lower swing weight for a control racquet makes it suitable for customisation. You can play it in “stock form” but you will get more power and stability with a bit of weight added.

As you might know, pro stock racquets are very light to start, but lead tape and silicone are then added to achieve the player’s preferences. Since it is not easy or cheap to get a hold of pro stock racquets, a platform racquet can be a good choice.

What are some good platform racquets?

The Wilson Ultra Pro as mentioned above is an excellent choice, but here are a few more ideas for players who want a light control racquet to customise. You can of course customise any racquet, but since adding weight adds power to the racquet, a light control racquet is a good idea.

HEAD Prestige MP L
Dunlop CX 200 Tour
Wilson Pro Staff 97L (there is also the UL version, which stands for Ultra-Light)
Yonex Percept 97
Volkl C10 Evo

Typical racquet specs

If you want a racquet in the style of the ones above, look for a lower swing weight (280-285 unstrung, 310-315 strung), a thin beam and low to mid stiffness (RA 60-65).

Let me know what you think of this type of racquet and if you have experimented with racquet customisation before.

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Jeff October 27, 2023 - 03:10

I think my Yonex Ezone 105 fits your description of a platform racket … much too light in stock form but plays like a dream once I added lead tape in the 9-10 and 2-3 sections … currently strung with Volkl V Star 18L a soft round poly … 52mains/50crosses … great pocketing , descent spin, good control and very comfortable … I think it’s a sleeper string that more players should know about … and it’s a great value – $9 bucks !


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