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Wilson Pro Staff RF 85

by Jonas Eriksson

Yes, it’s coming – Wilson is relaunching the legendary Pro Staff 85 in a new paint job called Wilson Pro Staff RF 85. It is arguably one of the best feeling racquets of all time.

Why is Wilson doing this? Well, they are listening to the fans who have been wanting this release for a long time. The Wilson Pro Staff 85 has a legendary status and was most famously used by Pete Sampras, Stefan Edberg and also Roger Federer until the Pro Staff 90 came out.

The RF edition of the Pro Staff 85 will have a similar paint job to the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph which is very sleek and classy. It is designed by Wilson racquet designer Peter Fig.

What is the target group for a 85-inch racquet, is it still viable in today’s top spin-infested and fast-paced game? 

It depends a lot on your game of course. If you’re a serve-and-volley player who likes to attack with flatter groundstrokes and slice – the Wilson Pro Staff RF 85 is buttery and powerful at the same time. If you, however, are a player with modern swings, wanting to be able to handle shoulder-high walls with interest – the Wilson Pro Staff RF 85 is probably not for you.

But why not add it your racquet collection? Because the Wilson Pro Staff RF 85 is certainly a legendary racquet.


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