Podcast with Foot Doctor Zach

by Jonas Eriksson

It’s so important it to wear the right tennis shoes when playing tennis. I hope my podcast with Foot Doctor Zach can help you.

Podcast with Foot Doctor Zach

Dr. Zach Thomas has built a significant following on social media as “Foot Doctor Zach,” where he tests tennis and basketball shoes. Dr. Zach is a board-certified Podiatrist and Foot and Ankle Surgeon. In this podcast, we talk about his favorite tennis shoes, things to look for in finding the right shoe, and why pros rarely upgrade their shoes.

You can watch the conversation with Dr. Zach Thomas on my YouTube channel. And if you want direct assistance from Zach, you can get a consultation on his website.

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00:00 Intro
03:02 Is it bad to keep changing shoes?
06:40 How much have shoes changed over the years?
12:33 How big is your shoe collection?
13:15 Do people get pissed that you cut open shoes?
16:55 Para-social relationships on YouTube
20:57 Do you have any favorite YouTubers?
25:33 The “infamous” Asics event in Marbella
28:00 The importance of being first
37:20 Let’s talk pickleball for five seconds
42:54 Consulting companies on shoes
48:42 Tennis shoe tech is lagging behind
50:52 How important are insoles?
57:51 How important is researching the right shoe for your foot
59:44 What is the difference between expensive and cheap?
1:01:32 What is the most common injury you see?
1:06:01 How much better is it for your body to play on clay?

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