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Interview with Richard Parnell

by Jonas Eriksson
Interview with Richard Parnell

He strung his first racquet when he was 9 and has strung for pretty much every top player out there. This is my interview with Richard Parnell. He is a true stringing legend and even invented his own knot.

My interview with Richard Parnell took place at his language academy and stringing room in Mijas, in Costa Del Sol, Spain. We chatted for hours about stringing, racquets, string trends, and the demands of top players such as John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl, Goran Ivanisevic, Venus Williams and many more. Afterward, he demonstrated his technique on his HEAD stringing machine.

Watch and listen to the interview

In my interview with Richard you will find out:

What skills and qualities you need to become a pro tour stringer.
How is it like to be stringing at the Grand Slams?
Why you should string poly strings lower.
How does Richard feel about hybrid string setups?
What are the trends in the stringing industry?

What is the Parnell knot and how did it come about?

And much more.

You can listen to my complete interview with Richard here:

Watch Richard’s technique and listen to the majority of the interview here:

You can find out more information and buy Parnell knot gear on Richard’s official website. He has also published instructions on how to do the Parnell knot on his YouTube channel.

How to do the Parnell knot

I hope you like this detailed interview and find some useful and engaging information from it. Thanks to Richard for doing the interview and inviting me to his academy. Now I am curious about what other interviews or podcast content you would like to see. Is there a need for a Tennisnerd podcast or do you prefer my usual videos?

Keen to hear what you think in the comments below.

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