Dyreex Strings Overview

by Konstantinos Kalfountzos

I’ve played plenty of Dyreex strings. Some 1.5 years ago, playing at a lower level. Now I think I have enough experience for a Dyreex String Overview.


Dyreex is a tennis brand based in France that has a vast range of tennis strings. During these past two years, I’ve played with several of them. Below, I share my thoughts about those that have stood out, considering the very competitive playability-to-price ratio for the median recreational player.

Ps. If you want to learn more about strings and racquets, check out the Tennisnerd Guide to Racquets and Strings Ds.

Dyreex Strings Overview

Alu Tour 1.25

I had the chance (luck) to play it for the first time, freshly strung against an active ITF-level player. The stringbed throughout those first 1.5 hours of straight baseline hitting had a serious “buttery” feel, the dwell time was not very short as the ball felt like sticking onto the stringbed for some extra split seconds, that made me feel very confident re-directing fast and heavy incoming balls when hitting the ball early, on its peak and especially flat. Power level was just above moderate as was the top-spin assistance with this semi-open 16×20 string pattern. The only drawback I noticed was the notching after the 5th-6th hour mark and the snapback effect tried with my fingers getting quite slower. Alu Tour was one of those strings that really made an impression and did feel different than many other round-shaped strings. It is recommended for attacking flat hitters that use rackets with tight string patterns and restring often.

(racket used: Diadem Elevate V2 FS98, 22kg)

Super Tour 1.25

This one has much better snapback and durability than Alu Tour, since it’s slicker. The dwell-time is shorter, thus the stringbed responsiveness is much faster and the ball shoots out with plenty of pace. I could hit the backhand slice with more penetration which is very important for me nowadays, as I’m working to fully switch to the 2-handed backhand. Super Tour makes my top-3 list hands down! Apart from its colour that is not the most attractive out there, I really can’t find enough words to describe how well it plays for me! At the same time, it somehow manages to stay a comfortable full-bed poly option. When I will play it again, I will pump-up the tension a couple kg for even more control. I can also see it being used as a cross-string in hybrids.

Sidenote: Super Tour came into my attention by Paul Espie, a high-caliber pro-stringer from Dubai who has been raving about it and constantly has it on his top-5 selling strings for months!

(racket used: Diadem Elevate V2 FS98, 21kg)

Black Edge 1.25

Pentagonal (5-sided), comfortable and spin-friendly option that can be easily used in full-bed on tweener rackets available at 1.25 and 1.30 gauge. Much higher net clearence than the previous two, clearly an option to be considered by baseliners who like to play defence and hit with much top-spin, playing short angles or like to stay in long rallies. The Speed I used has just 20mm beam width, so I used a lower tension to add some “punch” compared to 2 previously tested strings. Still, I had to swing very fast to get the best outcome of loopy shots, like playing on clay. I bet with 22mm+ profiles the power delivery at low 20s will be enough.

(racket used: Head Youtek Speed MP 16×19 with 4 grams at 9 and 3 o’ clock, 20kg, reference strings for this racket: RS Lyon 1.25 and Kirschbaum Flash black 1.25)

Solaris Spin 1.25

Along with 2 other similar yellow and twisted strings from other brands (String Kong Banana Bite and Mayami Magic Twist), Solaris Spin seems to be sharing similar features: medium-to-high launch angle and net clearence (lower than Black Edge), comfortable sensation upon contact and thus easy power. Not being too heavily twisted allows for some consistent flat hitting on the forehand side and some good penetration and net clearence on my very flat 2-handed backhand. Slices hit belly-high would stay lower than with Black Edge, Black Edge slices the high balls more aggresively, at least in my mind.

(racket used: Diadem Elevate V2 FS98, 21kg)


Among these four strings, the most durable one is for sure the Super Tour 1.25 and my top recommendation. If you look for precision and have an attacking mindset, consider giving Alu Tour also a try side-by-side with Super Tour, they play different, but both suit the flat game. Black Edge and Solaris Spin are two options for defensive baseliners. I’d recommend the 1.30 gauge for Black Edge, as I know that players in Rhodes, Greece have made a full-switch to it. Solaris Spin would look and play great on blue Ezones!

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