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Yonex Poly Tour Rev Mint

by Jonas Eriksson

Yonex are releasing a new string with their Percept racquets called Yonex Poly Tour Rev Mint. Poly Tour Rev is the spin string from the Japanese brand.

Yonex Poly Tour Rev Mint

Yonex Poly Tour Rev Mint is a new color for the firmer spin string of Yonex racquets. Poly Tour Rev is an 8-sided string with silicone-infused filament to increase grab and snapback. It’s a nice string offering good spin potential without being too harsh on the arm. We have yet to test the Mint-colored Poly Tour Rev, but we hope to do so when we finish our Yonex Percept Review, you can watch our first impressions on our YouTube channel.

The mint-colored string and the green Yonex Percept racquets go well together, and spin-friendly strings pair well with control racquets because they can help get a bit of extra bite on the ball.

I’m curious to see if the PTR Mint string can become my new favorite Yonex string. Right now, it’s Yonex Poly Tour Pro 1.25, which I think has a great blend of control, spin and comfort.

Yonex string families

Yonex have the Poly Tour Pro, which is the round polyester that many pros use.

The Poly Tour Rev, which, as mentioned, is the 8-sided spin string.

Poly Tour Air, which is the softest polyester they offer with HR-elastomer for better dampening.

Poly Tour Drive, which is another spin string, unsure how this stands out.

Poly Tour Tough, a polyester string focused on durability.

Poly Tour Strike, power and tension maintenance

Poly Tour Fire, another silicone-infused poly to promote snapback.

Rexis Comfort, softer multifilament string

Rexis Speed, stiffer multifilament string

Rexis Feel, more control-oriented

What are your favorite Yonex strings?

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Steven February 5, 2024 - 17:48

I like the feel of Polytour Rev as it’s medium firm and has a feel stiffer than Polytour Pro but similarly soft on the arm. I just don’t like how it doesn’t really grab the ball like Confidential and sometimes the ball flies. I tried in the mint at 1.20 mm. It looks great but I’ve heard purple is stiffer. I like Polytour Strike Blue. I dont know how other colours compare, I’ve heard grey is powerful.


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