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The New Wilson Spin Series

by TN

The racquet war between tennis manufacturers like Wilson, Babolat, and Head are ramping up around this time of year when the new lines (or in many cases, paint jobs) of racquets are released. This year is probably the biggest I’ve seen in terms of technology changes since I became a racquetaholic and gear junkie.

What Head is bringing to the table is not official yet, Babolat is launching something called the Pure Strike and Wilson has brought out an interesting new spin technology where they work with different, more open string pattern to achieve more spin (and more win – if you asked them).

Previously they only had the Wilson Steam models featuring “S” as in Spin, but now they’re releasing several of their classic models using this so called spin technology, such as the Six.One series and the Blade series. And they all seem to be getting good reviews.

A video showing how the spin technology works:

I haven’t been able to play-test the Spin line myself, but I’m going to get this set up as soon as I can, as this could very well be the most interesting gear development in tennis in the last 20 years.

If you want to buy the Wilson Spin line, I suggest you check out Tennis Express. They have free shipping on orders above $75 and carry all the tennis gear you’ll ever need. Also, buying from Tennis Express automatically gives a small percentage to this blog, so I can pay the web-related bills and keep writing about tennis. Thanks.

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