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Anger on the tennis court

by TN

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I heard Nalbandian got defaulted after kicking the line judge decor, indirectly hurting the line judge in his Queens ATP final against Marin Cilic today. Cilic got handed the title after this unsportsmanlike conduct and although the crowd jeered them to go on, it was probably the right way to treat this crazy behavior. This led me to collecting a few other favorites of people going crazy on the tennis court. We start with Nalbandian’s modern classic from today:

Nalbandian loses it, “kicks line judge”…

Baghdatis smashes four rackets.

Roddick loses it, point and racket.

Hot-head Gonzalez loses it badly. Entertains the crowd

The “always” cool Federer.

And while we’re at it, Roddick telling a reporter to retire. Classic!

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